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How Audience Experience Could Be Affecting Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

It is possible to have an ecommerce site that is visually well-designed, yet still difficult to use. Part of the challenge is that usability challenges can either be glaringly obvious or insidiously subtle. Usability challenges

Using an Ebook for B2B Lead Generation

B2B companies supply the products that ecommerce and omnichannel sellers retail to the general public. 5. Automation. Although I downloaded the ebook directly from the LinkedIn ad after sharing my email address, I still received

Gmail’s Priority Inbox: How to Make Sure Your Emails Get Read

On the other hand, if you’re sending well-targeted, attention-grabbing emails with offers tailored to each customer segment, users will frequently open and interact with your emails. This teaches Google that emails from your address are

Save Money on Inventory with EOQ

For the EOQ equation, demand is the number of units your business will purchase in a given timeframe, typically one year, reflecting the number of units you expect to sell. Thus, ordering cost might include

The 25 Best Ways to Increase Your Online Presence in 2021 (+Free Tools)

Social media ads can be used to improve your online presence because ads have higher reach and engagement rates than organic posts. And while social media users have less intent than on search engines, social ads

Reddit Advertising: Experts Share How Upper Funnel Tactics Can Drive Conversions

To learn more about the opportunities available to advertisers on Reddit, Tinuiti’s Group Director of Paid Social, Avi Ben-Zvi, sat down with Reddit’s Erica Haile and M1 Finance’s Bob Armour and Patryk Wlodersky. They discussed

Creating experiences that people remember

I’ve always found it odd that there is so much binary thinking in an industry that’s as artistic and scientific, strategic and tactical, surprising and predictable, and messy and precise as marketing is. Yet time

Ecommerce Product Releases: May 16, 2021

Stripe acquires Bouncer to help businesses prevent fraud. Stripe has acquired Bouncer, a company building card authentication technology to reduce fraud during online transactions. Bouncer’s team will join Stripe to enhance Radar, Stripe’s machine-learning-based fraud-prevention Founders: Future of DTC Platforms Is Headless

Davis:  Back in 2018, we saw the coming of direct-to-consumer brands. The technical barriers to entry had come down because of Shopify, in large part. And the ability to identify groups of people that wanted