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Is Facebook as Distrusted as You Think? Maybe Not

  One study cited by pessimists to point to distrust in Facebook making it unlikely to inspire opt-in is this one conducted by Insider Intelligence, which asked platform users how much they agreed with the

Email Marketers Should Know Subscribers Better

The more a marketer knows about a subscriber, the better job she can do segmenting that subscriber and, thereby, providing the most relevant offers. Similarly, asking folks if they want to opt-out of Father’s Day

How to Use Google Search Console (the Right Way!) to Improve SEO

With daily keyword tracking in Google Search Console, you can confirm fairly quickly whether those optimizations were successful. Although Google keeps a tight lid on their ranking algorithms, they do communicate very clearly through Google

Ecommerce Product Releases: June 15, 2021

Pinterest newsroom announcing new ways to shop on the platform. Pinterest launches Shopping List and expands shopping features and merchant tools. Pinterest has launched Shopping List, a method for pinners to have their product pins

Apple’s iOS 15 Will Change Email Marketing

Emails in 2021 are mostly opened on smartphones. iOS is a big share of that market. If Android adopts similar privacy options, 98% of smartphone users will have the option of not disclosing their email

25 Lead Magnet Ideas (With Examples!) to Feed Your Funnel

I’ve categorized the ideas by stage of funnel, but I also know that every business has a different funnel and customer journey, so adapt these ideas accordingly. 9. Cheatsheets prospects will be willing to obtain in

Apple blocks open rate tracking: what will it mean for marketers? We asked the experts

John Story, VP and Deputy General Counsel at Acoustic: A world without opens might seem like a daunting place for many marketers who heavily rely on this metric as a measure of contact engagement and

Steps to Greener Ecommerce Warehouses

Noise is measured in decibels (dB). The normal human ear can detect sounds between 0 dB to 140 dB. Long-term exposure to noise levels above 75 dB seriously hampers individuals’ hearing and affects their physical

Direct Line Group’s Mark Evans on the three phases of digital transformation

“Retention’s a really big deal in an insurance business model. And we could see that there was a 15 point delta [in retention] between zero NPS and customers scoring 10 NPS, which is huge. That