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GSK on employee experience and office culture in the age of remote work

She also advised against piling “stuff” on your employees constantly in an effort to gain results. “It’s not sustainable from a return perspective, and actually, I’m not sure people want “stuff, stuff, stuff” just thrown

Google Marketing Livestream 2021: What You Really Need to Know

They differ from TrueView for action campaigns because they use responsive ad groups rather than standard ad groups. Short version: Machine learning will help to fill in the gaps in Google Analytics Behavior reports to enable more visibility

Weetabix and BBH on collaboration and creative comms

— Weetabix (@weetabix) February 9, 2021 Real-time marketing can be a hard thing to pull off, of course, as weighing in on cultural topics can have the potential to leave people, at best, unimpressed and

Admiral’s Head of Marketing on humanising first-party data and a return to marketing’s roots

Murphy pointed out that many marketing leaders, as they move up the ranks of the organisation, are less hands-on in their roles and might have lost the touch that they had as practitioners. However, their

Kroger Precision Marketing Satisfies Advertisers’ Hunger for Targetable Audiences

“Brands care more about business outcomes like return-on-ad-spend than about the standard media metrics they measure most-often (impressions, clicks, likes). That’s why our focus from the beginning has been on measuring true business outcomes.” In

Berlin Brands’ Exec on Ecommerce Acquisitions, Technology, More

Bandholz: How do you develop product expertise when you acquire a brand in a category you’re not familiar with? We’ve addressed the rise of aggregating companies assembled solely to obtain funding and scoop up ecommerce

Wunderman Thompson CSO Sid McGrath on repairing fractured retail brands

A brand blueprint, McGrath explains, is a 1-3 year plan which looks at the current state of your brand, where its major fractures exist and what needs to be done to heal those fractures. This

CommerceCo Recap: SEO Link Building Is Hard

“We’d all like to hack link building, but really it is [done] one link at a time,” Wirth said. “We can’t just programmatically do it; it requires human intervention…especially the style [of SEO link building]

Tinuiti Offers Target Product Ads To Reach Shoppers at the Point of Purchase

Tinuiti now offers Target Product Ads, giving advertisers another way to reach shoppers as they browse and search on Target. With over 1,900 stores across the United States, over 30 million weekly in-store shoppers, and