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6 A/B Tests You Can Run on Your E-Commerce Cart

If you are trying to prioritize hypotheses related to several kinds of security badges or their placement on your website, focus on name recognition and prominence. For example, the provider of the security badge should

10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Online Business

Keep it simple so that you can churn out a wide variety of content types and have time left over to push them on social media. You want to become the go-to source for entry-level

Personalizations 101: How to Use Convert as a Quick Deploy CMS during this Pandemic

Rather than waiting on the webmaster or Dev Support and submitting multiple requests, you can make changes to your website using Convert Experiences as a Content Management System. This saves you precious time and gets

Stuck at Home? Here are the Deliveries & Services that Can Make it Easier

Postmates is a lifestyle delivery service that operates in the US. Customers can order already made food from restaurants or groceries and have them delivered directly. This service is available in nearly 3000 cities in

Digital Attribution And Media Mix Modeling — Which One Should You Pick?

Besides all of that, despite the mathematical models being complex, most customer behavior models are simple because many factors are being ignored to make the result more practical for the marketer — which, in turn,

Consumer Confidence: The KPI Your Business Should Optimize For In This Pandemic

How do you give your customers this confidence? With lockdowns and looming recession, your business will experience a loss of revenue. In the beginning of the lockdown, businesses in the ecommerce sector experienced a boom

Ecommerce Needs to Sustain Normal Life – A COVID-19 Update

Is your ecommerce business rising up to these challenging times? Let us know what changes you’ve made to make your customers a priority. This global pandemic is also fueling a rapid adoption of online shopping

The Ultimate A/B Testing Quick Guide for Shopify eCommerce Stores

Integration is straightforward! After you create a new project in Convert Experiences, copy the Tracking Code and head to your Shopify dashboard. Click on Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > More Actions >

Customer Behavior Modeling: The Math-based Approach To Maximizing Revenue

44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company. A lack of a personalized shopping experience reverses the equation. Customers are more likely to