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Charts: 2020 Cross-border Ecommerce Purchases by Country

Next, having established the amount of cross-border purchases by country, we analyzed the top-selling countries for each. For example, the consumers in the U.S. purchased 0.1 billion of cross-border retail goods online in 2020. Of

How to Succeed in Google Ads Without Modified Broad Match

First, you’ll need a good, old-fashioned search campaign ready to go. This means taking an already created campaign or a new one with your settings, ad groups, responsive or text ads, and core terms for

What is Hulu Advertising [OTT]?

This unique advertising option “mimics the existing Hulu UI design and only supports long-form full-length episodes or feature films.” Because “Hulu viewers already recognize this design to promote content that is available for them to

Tinuiti Uses Facebook To Drive Awareness and Increase Sales With Performance Branding Strategy

“Brands discover that when they educate users about their ethos and products before leaning into heavy sales messaging, they have better success from top to bottom: with overall awareness and business metrics.”  Now that we’ve

Facebook Analytics is Going Away: Next Steps for Advertisers

On desktop, this can be done by exporting files from Facebook Analytics to a CSV file. Simply click the “Export” icon in the top-right corner of each chart or table. If you’re currently leveraging the

12 WordPress Plugins to Sell Digital Downloads

Stripe Green Downloads allows merchants to sell files and accept major credit cards. The plugin generates an encrypted download link, valid for a certain time and price (including free) as set by the merchant. Send

37 Free and Creative July Marketing Ideas (With Examples)

July 15 Image source) July marketing ideas  National Intern Day – Last Thursday in July 1. National Independent Retailer Month National Pandemonium DayNational Tape Measure DayNational Nude Day Write a blog post compiling events going on

A day in the life of… Chris Sahota, CEO and Founder of Ciesco

Pandemic or no pandemic, the day is long. We are a UK-headquartered business, but we operate globally. In the last 12 months we have successfully completed deals as far away as Australia and San Francisco.

The 3 Common Mistakes of Ecommerce Launches

Placing actionable links on product pages helps guide shoppers to checkout. Source: Mad Hippie. The checkout process needs continual tweaking to keep up with consumer demands. The leading cause of cart abandonment 10 years ago