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Spryker’s Alex Graf on successful B2B marketplaces: the common denominator is speed of adaption

That’s why in 2019, as Graf shared, Alibaba’s Double Eleven event generated 40 billion euros within 24 hours, which equals 500,000 euros per second. The first billion alone was made in the first 60 seconds

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Trends to Know

Sponsored Brands Video was a big part of Prime Day success for many advertisers, with brands investing 25% of total Sponsored Brands spend in the video format during this year’s sales event. Advertisers Ramped Up

10 Autonomous Robots for Last-mile Deliveries

Postmates is a food delivery app and service owned by Uber. Its Serve robot is designed for safe, autonomous navigation on urban sidewalks. Serve navigates using Lidar and communicates with customers through an interactive touchscreen.

How digital is changing the pharma & healthcare industry

It is a similar picture in Europe, with 70% of HCPs reporting that they have been doing more online consultations during Covid-19, and that, crucially, 76% of physicians say they will do more virtual visits Seeks Real Men for Hair, Skin Care

We target men who are high-performers, entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes. They take care of their bodies. Bandholz: Where can people reach out and learn more about your businesses? Bandholz: How did you grow Vitaman from

A day in the life of… Liat Karpel Gurwicz, Head of Ecommerce Marketing at Wix

Today, the Wix ecommerce platform which powers more than 600,000 online stores worldwide. In 2020, Wix sellers surpassed .4 billion in online transactions, with 140% YoY growth in sales transactions and 114% YoY growth in

Scaling the Walls of Apple’s Data Fortress [Everything You Need To Know To Prepare for iOS 15]

 According to Apple, Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user. The new feature helps users prevent senders from knowing when they open an email, and masks their

Lush’s Adam Goswell on the brand’s new ecommerce platform: we want to “categorise our products a thousand ways”

Earlier this month, global cosmetics brand Lush unveiled a “fresh new look” for its UK website and app, stating that “Following a year of online shopping and rising ecommerce”, the relaunch sets out to enable

Apple’s iOS 15 Could Improve Email Marketing

Opens, according to White, are primarily a measurement of list health and subscriber activity. When it’s released this fall, Apple’s iOS 15 could make capturing some email marketing metrics more difficult, which might improve performance.