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5 Steps for Evaluating the Limitations of Your Landing Page

18th Feb 2019 – Note: This post is a part of our CRO Month 2019. Share it with the #Optimizein28Days to promote optimization awareness and how CRO can help businesses thrive. So, how do you

Customer Acquisition Cost: Calculate and Optimize for the Long-Term

13th Feb 2019 – Sometimes, there’s a lot of confusion about what numbers you plug in to calculate the correct value of your customer acquisition cost. Here’s a standard formula to follow. But it’s important

Sales Page Optimization: 8 Online Course Sales Page Elements to Boost Conversions

11th Feb 2019 – The answer is creating a landing page or sales page for your online course. The online course sales page will talk about your course and persuade your target audience to enroll

How to Optimize Webinar Registration Landing Page to Increase Conversions

08th Feb 2019 – For example, ClickMeeting is a webinar software company that regularly creates influencer-hosted webinars. They have used a video teaser to promote one of these webinars, which was hosted by Jamie Turner,

Social Media CRO Audit: How to Do a Successful Audit, Step-by-Step

06th Feb 2019 – The data you find will help you construct your ideal customer profile. Invest an ample amount of time collecting as much specific data as you can find in the demographics report.

404 Page Optimization Tips: 7 Site Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas for Your Errors Page

05th Feb 2019 – Optimizing your 404 page’s conversion rate is all about turning a negative experience around. Almost 74% of users will leave a site within seconds of hitting a 404 page. Interactive or

Pros and Cons of Implementing Artificial Intelligence into your Email Marketing Campaign in 2019

31st Jan 2019 – This is surely one of the major points which needs to be taken into consideration by anyone thinking about bringing AI into their email marketing campaign. While artificial intelligence often does

Ecommerce Checkout that Improves Customer Acquisition: 6 Strategies No One Should Ignore

28th Jan 2019 – Whenever your customers are stuck during the checkout or experience any disparity in prices, the customer support representative can guide them using the live chat option. Thus, live chat system helps

Ethics in A/B Testing: The Good, The Bad, The Future

25th Jan 2019 – Human behaviour is so complex that we’ll often overlook the far ranging effects  our experiments can have. Because when we’re unaware of it, we’re not analysing it. And if we don’t