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Smartly’s Ryanne Laredo on creativity, privacy, and diversity in social advertising

With so many privacy changes now is the time to focus on creative and marketers need to work together with media buying teams to funnel data and produce the right assets that resonate with consumers.

Charts: Global Email Volume, Users, Marketing

— Despite the popularity of mobile messaging and chat apps, email remains an important element of everyday life. The number of global email users reached roughly 4 billion in 2020 and will likely climb to

The Risk of Social Media Marketing

More recently, YouTube creators were worried that Google would let its contract with Roku expire, reducing views, ads, and income for many channels. Businesses, too, experience suspensions. And, the fact that YouTube and other platforms

11 Must-Try Landing Page Trends & Ideas for 2022 (with Examples!)

Opening with a question is an effective way to invite your visitor to engage, and the casual tone of “Want some?” makes these sound like more of an offer than an opportunity. Excellent way to

Ecommerce in 2022: What do the experts predict?

“Why is this so great? For consumers, it means that brands actively have to work hard to give us something in return for our data – a great experience – or else face the consequences

5 Advantages of Working With an Influencer Marketing Agency [instead of going in-house]

 Influencer marketing agencies eat, sleep, and breathe influencer marketing 24/7. While influencer capabilities and reach extend beyond social media, that is still where the majority of people consume influencer content. And it’s a very busy

11 Outstanding Digital Media Campaigns from 2021

[embedded content] Cadbury Worldwide Hide – – Roblox National Geographic #ThinkBeforeYouLike Roblox Anheuser Busch #LetsGrabABeer Roblox McDonald’s – Famous Orders Roblox The Dove Self-Esteem Project Roblox American Eagle – Future Together. Jeans Forever Roblox Apple

24 Creative, Competitive, & Click-Worthy Ad Copy Examples (+How to Replicate Them)

Takeaway: Consumers aren’t likely to know what those terms mean, even with the explanations, but the specificity is what sells. This is tip #17 in my post on how to write copy that sells. Takeaway:

Ecommerce Product Releases: January 2, 2022

FedEx receives the first all-electric, zero-tailpipe emissions vehicles from BrightDrop. FedEx Corp. has received its first five of 500 electric light commercial vehicles from BrightDrop, the new electric delivery and logistics business of General Motors.