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Bandholz: Beardbrand has around 1,000 articles. A lot of them haven’t been touched in years. How do we update them? Do a quick Google search on your topic. There’s a ton of search-engine-optimization tools to

2021 Top 25: Our Most Popular Posts of the Year

2021 marked the tenth year we’ve published Sig’s work. He’s a screenwriter and, for us, an ecommerce resource wiz. — 11 TikTok Video Ideas for Merchants Quick Refresher of U.S. CAN-SPAM Requirements China Is Dominating

How HTML Headings Help SEO

Featured snippets. Subheadings can provide an answer to a search query. In my experience, a subheading followed by an answer is often all it takes to win a featured snippet. The best SEO strategy assists

The [Hands-Down] 50 Best Marketing Tips & Tricks We Revealed This Year—in Every Category

Not gonna lie, most of these came from our 60 social media optimization tips round-up. Tons of Google Ads updates this year, which you can read about (and get even more tips from) in our

Need Repeat Customers? Try Low-tech Selling

Approve and respond to negative reviews. Humanize the experience by offering troubleshooting tips, empathy, and appreciation for the feedback. Responding to bad ratings tells others that you care. It’s okay to remind customers that you

The 8 Biggest Marketing Fails of All Time (With Practical Takeaways)

In July of 2017, Audi aired a commercial where a bride and groom are about to take their vows, but the mother of the groom marches up to the alter and inspects the bride. She

9 Popular Email Marketing Strategies to Stop Doing ASAP (+13 to Do Instead)

Also, email addresses are often used as the unique identifiers in automation platforms and CRMs that help businesses tailor their marketing and customer service accordingly. So if you send a promotional email about your app

5 New Year’s Resolutions for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies measure multiple conversion types, but two stand out. Thus, focusing on the transition to a paid account in my third new year’s resolution. One way to accomplish this is to identify the behaviors

9 Changes that Impacted Google Advertisers in 2021

However, there are a few key items to note before diving straight into Image Extensions.  Which Google 2021 updates were you most excited about? What are you looking forward to in 2022? Let us know