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Notepad’s Naeem Alvi-Assinder on brand strategy and inclusive agency culture

Notepad is a brand strategy and design agency proudly based in Birmingham, England, and operates worldwide. Image: Naeem Alvi-Assinder Tell me about Notepad – what was the motivation behind starting the company? Having spent most

6 Ways to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

Create Facebook videos of different lengths. You could use GIFs or 15-second videos in your stories or the feed or share 30-second videos. Organize videos 3 minutes or longer into playlists, where they’ll run one

PepsiCo’s Mia Sorgi on building “connected experiences” and the future of retail

“Conversational interfaces continue to hold great promise – but you have to deploy them with care, and it’s hard. You have to take it seriously and build and iterate, rather than just stick something in

7 Habits of Highly Effective Facebook Advertisers

Let’s start at the highest level: the account as a whole. Facebook ad account structure is incredibly important for its long-term health, reporting visibility, and ease of optimization. The simplest way to plan an efficient

UX features that discount retailers are using to drive ecommerce conversions

The Home Bargains website is among the most basic in this list, but there are some elements worth noting. First is its promotion of returns, which is often absent among discount retailers (with many choosing

Tinuiti Live 2022 Recap—The New, New Normal: Chaos, Complexity & Change

— Ana Isabelle, Actress, Musician, and Influencer Kaelin then took a deeper dive into measurement, exploring the areas that are a top focus for Zola, including: incrementality testing, data transparency, and custom analyses. “Networks do

11 New Ecommerce Books for Summer 2022

Snake Oil Snake Oil: Striking Profit in the Wild West of Digital Marketing by Dan Russell New Ecommerce Books “The Digital Experience Company” is a guide to business success in the digital age. Consumers now

3 Tricks to Create Video Ad Content on a Budget

Whenever I have a client that asks about running YouTube ads, we run into the same roadblock about 99% of the time. The clients think they either (a) don’t have enough video creative to use

With eBay sponsoring Love Island, is sustainable fashion going mainstream?

One example of this is Target, which recently partnered with resale-as-a-service platform ThredUp, to test launch a secondhand clothing initiative. As part of the deal, Target will offer around 400,000 women’s and children’s items from