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Customer Journey Map: How to Use This Concept in Your 2020 Marketing

And that’s a survey of over 2000 top marketers across many industries. The numbers are probably worse for the less successful ones. Desonance’s customer journey map highlighted that the company’s website was too hard to

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Influencer Marketing

What do we mean by heavily leveraged? Successful brands like Fashion Nova are posting up to 30 times a day, 7 days a week. That’s about 10,000 pieces of content needed in a year. It

Adaptive Design: How It Can Deliver Better eCommerce UX?

Amazon achieved an access speed increase of 40 percent with its adaptive website design. Mobile users are also able to open ‘ full site’ now instead of the responsive design that was previously available. As

4 Trends Optimization Experts Should Pay Attention To in 2020

Slack is able to grow its user base with a smooth onboarding process and small details such as an engaging loading screen and cool emoji and GIF options for users. A mix of fun and

The Top Three Cognitive Biases Uses (and You Should Too)

Scarcity, the sixth of Dr. Robert B. Cialdini’s principles of persuasion, makes you suddenly find something to be more valuable and desirable, simply because it’s scarce (or you perceive it to be so). Before we

The Future is Now: Actionable Insights Directly from your Consumer’s Brain

Where are you? Digging deeper into Frustration, 4.1 shows that Telecom has the lowest frustration score for checkout pages, which shows maybe they are leading the way to creating a frictionless checkout. The data is

Effective Content Marketing for B2B Companies: What Will it Take to Succeed in 2020?

If you keep thinking of closing, you will produce “you” centric content. Content that is about a topic your target market does not care about and written in a way that does not resonate with

5 mistakes online sellers make when running a multi-channel selling strategy

As well as the increased risk of human error in manual entry, the extra time spent is going to be eating away at more important factors too, like attending to your customers needs. Ian Linton

5 Conversion Centered Design Site Elements & How They Support CRO

It is customary to use an exit intent pop-up as a last-minute effort to convert. has 6 available navigation options on their mobile site menu: home icon, categories, deals, search bar, sign-in, and shopping