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Which Is More Important to Consumers: Personalization or Privacy?

When trying to personalize your website or products, ask yourself, Unfortunately, this distrust in brands extends beyond how they use personal data. At the core of the problem lies a central distrust on the consumers’

How to Generate More Leads with Every Article You Publish

Use Text Optimizer to find action-oriented terms around your target topic. These create a perfect actionable context for your lead-generating calls-to-action. Creating niche content is not an easy task but creating performance-oriented (specifically lead-generating) content

10 Ways to Build a Cutting-Edge Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve refined your target audience and keywords, you can start crafting content to satisfy buyers’ needs. There are several main stages of a buyer’s journey, each of which requires a slightly different content approach.

Working with Facebook Influencers: What to Do (& What Not to Do)

Finding the right Facebook influencer is crucial for the success of your influencer marketing campaign. This is because there are many fake Facebook influencers out there who purchase likes and followers. These influencers have little

SEO Pitfalls That Can Devastate Your Website Conversion Rates

Check My Links lets you identify broken links (both internal and external) and fix them fast. Some key steps to take when improving your website speed are: This was the main reason why I decided

Zero State Screens: Don’t Miss This Onboarding Optimization Opportunity

A zero state illustration with minimalistic text is a good choice here. Make sure that the illustration is in alignment with your brand and subtly talks about the first step that the user should take

B2B Mass Personalization: 5 Tested Tips to Make B2B Personalization Work

B2B customers consume a lot of content before they make the decision to buy. Today, even one piece of personalized content is not enough to make a B2C customer buy your product. Sending an email

How to Create Personalized Ecommerce Experiences for Customers

If you own an ecommerce store, you know that one of the biggest hurdles your business faces is delivering relevant experiences and recommendations to your new and returning customers. One of the drawbacks of online

Interested in Account-based Marketing? Start Following these 7 ABM’ers Now

August 21, 2019 – This is the reason why Account Based Marketing (ABM) has been making waves. It looks at customers as faceless organizations It discounts the fact that people are at the heart of