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Cart Abandonment 101: Why Your Visitors Aren’t Converting at Check Out

09th Feb 2018 – Allow us to demystify it for you. Editors Note: Best practices change—so does this blog. This article was originally published February 22, 2017. It’s been updated for accuracy and usefulness February

Optimize Your Checkout for Mobile with These 9 Basic Steps

17th May 2020 – Pro tip: you might consider incentivizing people to register with a coupon code, or a special offer. Look at how many of your registered customers purchase again, or respond to your

Growth Hacking Your Way to Heavy Fines? Adjust Your Outbound Strategy for GDPR.

01st Feb 2018 – ToolWhoIsVisiting ToolClearbit ProcessUses IP for company lookup ToolGoogle Sheets ToolZapier Dennis van der Heijden, CEO of “Growth Hacking”— Or Sneaky Lead Capture? Google admitted that it will be impossible to

GDPR could kill the company we built. Here’s what we’re doing about it.

01st Feb 2018 – I picked to add “Do Not Track” for all customers, each time they setup a new account they see it and pick what privacy they want to give to their new projects.

How to Buy GDPR Compliant A/B Testing Software

01st Feb 2018 – Example answerNo Ah one last thing… US vs EU based servers Analytics in GDPR is possible as long as any personal data collected is only processed by the first party. ePrivacy

How to Convert in Ecommerce in the GDPR Era

01st Feb 2018 – 2. Incentives, incentives, incentives. It’s already an ecommerce best practice to usher folks away from guest checkouts, and into registration. Of course, this doesn’t seem like anything new. Europe has always

Google Analytics and GDPR: Is it Compliant?

18th May 2020 – Do you remember who is after a while? It might be better to make a “business email only” access policy for your account. Personal data now means any bit of

How to Make Your Forms GDPR Compliant (Without Tanking Your Conversion Rates)

20th May 2020 – GDPR says… “Request the explicit consent of every user before any data collection takes place. Requests must be in clear, plain, easily understandable language free of legalese. It also must stand

Why I’m trying to fire myself (And How I’ll Pull it off)

09th Jan 2018 – And as I was having this realization—I noticed my wife looking over at me. Or more so, she was looking at me, looking at my phone, on a Friday night. And