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[VIDEO] How to Come Up with Hypotheses That Solve (Real) Conversion Roadblocks

Blog/A/B Testing 19th Apr 2019 – The journey starts when you identify the right conversion roadblocks, the true points of friction that keep your visitors from becoming customers and advocates. Let data lead the way!

Identifying Bugs and Broken Elements That Are Hurting Your CRO with Google Analytics

18th May 2020 – The topic of Conversion Rate Optimization is usually focused on performance data and design. Rarely does an agency invest more resources in the technology as they do in design and marketing,

Can AI Instagram Entities Improve the Click-Throughs on Your PPC Ads?

15th Apr 2019 – The Diigitals introduced three new models in late 2018 and Lil Miquela has gained half a million new followers since mid 2018. We also know that Lil Miquela and Brud received

A/B Testing Chatbots: How to Start (and Why You Must)

12th Apr 2019 – For example, if you hypothesized that a “more branded” chatbot will get better results for your marketing team, in this step, you’ll have to see what elements of your chatbox could

How to Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2019

08th Apr 2019 – A content audit will help you identify the topics, content types, and distribution channels that worked well for you last year. This will help you realize which of your strategies are

[VIDEO] Optimization Goal Setting: Top Things Testers Should Keep in Mind When Creating a CRO Gameplan

05th Apr 2019 – Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a lot more than a buzzword. But what is the “right” way of going about testing and experimentation. Done right, done patiently, it actually brings results.

A/B Testing in 2020 & Beyond: What is Changing and What Should You Do

19th May 2020 – Sometimes, it’s the experimenters. Today even with support for personalization-based on real-time behavioral targeting, DMP profiling, provisions for easily managing and prioritizing overlapping audiences, and more, we still feel like there’s

8 Mistakes That Kill Lead-to-Customer Conversions

02nd Apr 2019 – Now that you know which offers cause the most leads to convert into customers, it would be foolish not to highlight them prominently in relevant places. Include your best converting offers

Marketer’s Guide: Key Differences Between Qualitative Data And Quantitative Data

29th Mar 2019 – But you can also be even more outstanding and offer a reward to your respondent. After all, they are spending time for you. Data is power – be it qualitative in