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5 Essential Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

First things first, having a streamlined layout for your email templates will drive click-throughs and conversions. Incremental A/B testing will help you find the optimal template for your brand; however, there are some tried-and-true elements

Ask An Expert, with Joris Bryon

But if you did not enter the giveaway or did not win, here is a recap of the Q and A that happened live with Joris in Twitter-land. A hypothesis should follow a structure of


How to Use Storytelling to Boost Ecommerce Sales

For another example, check out how travel bloggers Adventure For Less weave in tidbits of storytelling within their visiting Hawaii content: Most ecommerce stores make the same mistake of simply going for the coupon-incentive sale,

Apple’s ITP 2.3: One More Cookie Workaround Enters the Battle

Companies will do this when they want to pass information specific to the individual click that led someone to the destination site. It is clear then that Convert tracking and cookies are NOT affected by


Boost B2B Marketing Results: Top Practices That Work

The kind of metrics and KPIs you set for evaluating what you are getting out of your efforts is different for B2B companies. You may not get direct leads. User Experience is a deep and

7 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Your Ecommerce Store

Guerrilla marketing can take place online and offline. These seven ideas show you how other companies have used guerrilla marketing techniques to reach new customers and improve their sales. You can use these concepts as

6 Mistakes People Make While Running Split Tests, And How to Avoid Them

According to Statista Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of choosing not to split test with mobile traffic. While test frequency is a mark of CRO program maturity … quality

How to Attract Customers with Discounts

That’s why offering free shipping discounts can go a long way toward winning over new customers. And they don’t have to hurt your bottom line—consider placing a minimum order value threshold on your free shipping

Which Is More Important to Consumers: Personalization or Privacy?

When trying to personalize your website or products, ask yourself, Unfortunately, this distrust in brands extends beyond how they use personal data. At the core of the problem lies a central distrust on the consumers’