The Art of Product Pricing – How You Need to Test and Tweak Your Pricing Before You Launch

07th Aug 2018 – Think about things that are being given away for free – no risk there right? I’m referring to something like an ecommerce website that consists of a large collection of product

How to Convert Your Search Traffic into Real Time Customers: Marlon Brando’s Timeless Conversion Advice

02nd Aug 2018 – The digital age has indeed transformed everything. Not only have the rules been altered, they’ve been rewritten completely. Customers are more aware, smarter, more connected and have a lot of prior

[July 2018] Convert Support Stories: All About Shopify

01st Aug 2018 – And you should also add some extra code in order to allow transactions to be captured: Before moving on to the actual questions, spare a few minutes and read our Shopify

The Psychology of Influencer Marketing: How to Use Hidden Triggers to Gain Influencer Favor

23rd Jul 2018 – Piquing their interest though the subject line is the first step. The body of your email should have ample evidence of the research you’ve done to prepare your pitch. Influencers are

How to Pick the Perfect CRO Agency for Your Business: 4 Steps to a Highly Successful Optimization Program

12th Jul 2018 – To be sure that your prospective agency is a good match for your brand, you need to make sure you are asking them the right questions. At Swanky, our team believes

How to To Generate More Search Engine Traffic To Your Landing Page (SEO & CRO Working Together as They Should)

10th Jul 2018 – Each keyword represents the user intent: In some cases, it’s pretty obvious what the searcher is up to, in other cases you’ll need to test different versions of your landing pages

What Makes Convert So Compatible With Shopify Plus?

04th Jul 2018 – Leading ecommerce platform Shopify Plus and popular A/B testing tool Convert share a common goal; to help growing ecommerce businesses maximise their conversion rates, boost their revenue and make the most

Convert is the Most Privacy Focused Testing Tool on the Market. Here’s Why

27th Jun 2018 – DNT empowers traffic with the power of choice. Though the PCI DSS is focused on securing payment cardholder data and the intent of GDPR is to protect EU residents’ personal data,

Cost Per Lead vs. Cost Per Acquisition – What You Should Use as Your Performance Metric

13th May 2020 – For e-commerce websites, the concept is simpler. You can report the value of each conversion directly to Google Adwords or Bing Ads to give you a clear picture of CPA or

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