7 Killer Ways to Optimize Your Landing Page for Lower PPC Costs

31st Jul 2020 – Pinpoint the exact spots your PPC leads click on your landing page. If you notice clicks on random graphic elements or on links inside your copy or in your navigation bar

4 Ways to Personalize your Email Campaigns

21st Jun 2019 – Personalizing your email campaigns can make a huge impact on your business. If you follow pieces of advice from this article you can easily improve your email campaigns. Your subscriber Sarah

How to Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level

20th Jun 2019 – Moreover, you can also join in on some of these conversations about your brand to further engage with your audience. Thus, it is a great way to have two-way conversations with

3 Effective Ways to Boost Ecommerce Conversions with Influencer Marketing

19th Jun 2019 – It’s common for brands to contact several influencers at once for partnerships when campaigns are being planned, but there’s an alternative to just having them post once at a certain time.

Magento’s Site Speed and the eCommerce Experience: An Analysis

17th Jun 2019 – Site Speed and the Importance of eCommerce While these are great tactics for retaining a customer, one of the things that some marketers do not look over is the customer’s user

Chatbots as a CRO Tool: How Conversational AI Helps Convert More Leads

14th Jun 2019 – But instead, I’ll tell you about how an AI-powered chatbot can provide the most unique and personalised experience to each user (24/7 and at scale). There is no complex user interface

Diving Deeper into Google Analytics Events: Zeroing In on A/B Test Candidates

12th Jun 2019 – By opening up the Events Overview report, you’ll see a count of each Action value against a Category, which will provide insights into which button your users are clicking the most.

Nevada First State For Privacy Opt-Out Laws: How Well is Convert Prepared?

12th Jun 2019 – Though privacy legislations have stalled or failed in other states, Nevada’s passage of SB-220 serves as a reminder that maintaining compliance with legal and regulatory obligations in a digital world will

Apple’s ITP 2.2: 1-Day Expiration of Tracking Cookies Set Via Link Decoration

11th Jun 2019 – Moving forward, all persistent cookies created via JavaScript’s document.cookie (as opposed to cookies set by HTTP) will be set to expire in 24 hours if the referring domain has been identified

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