[Infographic] Can Social Media Help Your Small Business?

This is a tacit testament for your business which will be seen by others online. Even some may like your brand or business as they view someone whom they respect, follow and like. Such kind of public recognition and buy-in helps in creating a positive attitude for your brand as well as business. Furthermore, your brand will not delete the comment or provide a robotic ‘Thanks for the feedback’ as a response. So, what happens is that other users will see these exchanges and become impressed with how you are able to handle it. Sometimes they might comment to show the support to your brand.
Nowadays, businesses are becoming popular on social media and making huge profits. Other businesses are struggling in navigating the jungles and making a huge amount of mistakes along the way. Yes! The usage of social media tool as a part of your PR strategy and marketing will boost your sales.
The biggest advantage of social media is that it allows to publically demonstrate how good your customer service is. When a customer tweets a bad experience or post a negative comment on Facebook, your support team will immediately respond to get more information and provide the assurance that you are looking into the issue. You will send a private message to them to display your concern for the poor experience that they have gone through.
Here the key lies in integrating it to a huge marketing tactic which aims to increase brand awareness, boost the social network clout, provide quick response to the customer feedback (both positive and negative), create a digital presence, improvise the search engine ranking, and develop goodwill to your brand.
Using all aspects of social media!

Steps On How Social Media Helps Businesses

• An Efficient Customer Service

Check out this infographic where you can get the details about the amount of control social media have over businesses:

• Adding A Human Factor

Those people who like your brand on social media are not just expressing their interest with the brand. They are showing it to the public especially to their friends. They feel comfortable being associated with your brand as well as business.

• Creating a Reputation

Social media is not going to disappear and if you are a small business you would not want it to happen. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs are some of the social media tools, and there are more (the list is huge) however, the potential for expanding the customer base and developing your business along with making money is vast.
At the end, it is all about being worthy to follow. Social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other networks are where people are spending most of their free and productive time. So, it is easy for you to make profits through such social media sites. It just comes down to a single thing, which is increasing people’s curiosity which will lead you to the social media success.
Add a bit of a smile! 🙂

• Building Social Visibility

You are aware of how much money you need to spend on placing your ad in local newspaper and Yellow pages. Here, you are advertising to people who want your business services and products. But social media places you in view of consumers until they are ready to make the purchase and the interesting aspect is that there is no advertising cost involved.
Moreover, it keeps us in touch with the key market consisting of the previous or existing customers, their followers and friends, and individuals who are on the lookout for your products and services.
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When you are engaging with a community on social media sites, it shows that real people are commenting and providing feedback to your brand. How do you know it is real people? It is simple as they read and like the comments, respond, add smiley faces, show emotion and sometimes misspell words. This can help in improving the user’s sense of being valued and cared as a consumer of the given brand. Plus this can make the consumer feel like they have a connection with your brand.

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