Charts: Growth of Global Payments, Cryptocurrencies

Credit card acquirers (i.e., merchant account providers), processors, and networks experienced only slight revenue declines at the outset of the pandemic. The broader shift to digital commerce has given rise to thousands of financial technology

Magnite’s James Brown on the future of privacy, personalisation, and programmatic

Immerse yourself in programmatic and really begin to understand the technology. At the start, the language can be intimidating, however your ability to extract value for your brand out of this ecosystem will be vastly

Ecommerce Design Is Critical (but Misunderstood)

Content is still key. Start with a site map and list your required pages. Don’t forget the 404 page, confirmation pages, and policy pages such as privacy and terms and conditions. Trends and styles may

The secret to great ecommerce experience? Collaboration

Alone, each department in your business is hamstrung by the walled gardens of their functions, unable to see the bigger picture of CX. You need to connect people, data, and tools across your essential disciplines,

Ecommerce Product Releases: January 17, 2022

Lucidworks Marin Software announces integration to expand Amazon advertising options. Marin Software, a provider of digital marketing software for advertisers and agencies, has announced an integration with the Amazon ads demand-side platform (DSP). The integration

How to Find the Best Influencers for Your Brand

   As a search engine, Google is first and foremost a noun, but it has also earned ‘verb status’ over the years thanks to how popular and powerful that engine truly is. Maybe their overall

Marketing That Matters: How Which? and Brainlabs link marketing to sustainable business growth

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TikTok Marketing Is Hard Work

Beardbrand has a mountain of content on YouTube. We find the gems and repurpose them. We film directly for clients, too. Magin’s experience includes a YouTube channel that focused on men’s fashion. From there, colleagues

Amazon, Walmart and the Epic Battle for Consumer Spending

In 2021 Walmart had 11,443 stores worldwide, a decrease from the 11,501 it had in 2020, according to Statista. In the U.S., there are 5,342 Walmart stores and 600 Sam’s Clubs. Ninety percent of Americans

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