5 Good Ways to Measure Brand Awareness

Brand awareness then describes how well customers and prospects recognize and understand a company or its products. Both Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads offer recall testing. Brand and Awareness Consider an example. One of

5 Content Marketing Ideas for January 2022

For example, a seller of used books could publish a series of reviews. Each would feature a book entering the public domain in 2022. The series might start with Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises.”

Barbell Logic Rides Shift to Online Fitness

Then we have a conversation. Sometimes we place them on a performance improvement plan with a list of what to improve. However, putting somebody on a performance improvement plan is usually foretelling — they’re not

From virtual selling to zero-party data: Putting future shopping trends in context

While a focus on the customer experience (CX) has always been important, 2020 threw its necessity into even sharper relief. Adidas, for example, has seen a 35% increase in ecommerce sales thanks to the ad

78 [Not Overused] Holiday & Christmas Instagram Captions—with Templates!

Now I’ll admit, some of this may be slightly used. They’re on the fence but they’re good enough to keep using in your fun and festive holiday marketing. 1. Choose image.2. Insert overused caption (I’m looking at

Sales Report: 2021 Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Throughout November, out-of-stock messages were up 169% vs. January 2020 and up 258% vs. November 2019. The situation will likely get worse in December. Software provider RetailNext reported that traffic at brick-and-mortar stores increased 61%

Experts Share Email & Mobile Messaging Predictions for 2022

“Privacy changes aren’t going away in 2022, and this will directly impact how we utilize email KPIs for our programs. Brands will need to pivot from top-funnel KPIs (opens and clicks) to down-funnel KPIs (purchases

Why investment in customer data management is booming in an omnichannel world

CDP solutions are increasingly being used to address and the new privacy landscape. As Andrea Rus, Head of GTM for SAP Customer Data Management, explains, these platforms can enable brands to “store all of a

How to Generate Traffic from Google Discover

But the discovery engine attempts to discern the interests of searchers regardless of their queries. In a sense, Google Discover informs searchers of what they need before they realize it. Discover appears only on mobile

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