Mobile technology continues to rapidly change how we experience and co-exist with society around us – with its evolution having a significant impact on how we perceive daily life. If you’re interested in finding out more about mobile consumers, why not check out this amazing infographic we’ve compiled on the subject?
Organisations would do well to make the most of this somewhat surprising contrast in stances amongst their target audiences in order to boost revenue.
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Social media in particular has become a hotbed for marketing campaigns. There are currently a staggering 1.23 billion active Facebook users – a figure which industries are looking to tap into.
Research has shown that while online banner and video ads only show a 36% and 33% level of trust from users, a startling rise to 70% occurs when it comes to consumer opinions posted online.
In a year’s time it’s expected there will be as many as 8.2 billion handsets in circulation. This number accounts for more people than there are on Earth.
Mobile Consumers
With 2.7GB of traffic used by the average person every month, and an overall rise in the use of global media data by 81% since 2013, it’s little shock companies have changed the way they’ve targeted consumers.

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