03rd May 2018 – How Micro-Influencers Can Help You Boost Your Conversion Rates
A study by Experticity revealed that audiences find micro-influencers to be the most efficient at explaining product functionalities. So, ask your micro-influencers to create videos on how to use your products. These videos will definitely encourage your audiences to purchase your products or services.
For example, Oliviah Maisonet is a YouTuber with the only 1.9K subscriber to her channel. She posted an unboxing video of Apple iPhone X, 64 GB variant. The video has received more than 300K views predominantly due to her authentic reactions and the way she shares her experience.
For example, Omar El-Takrori is a freelance photographer having more than 6K subscribers on his YouTube channel. This is a screenshot of one of his tutorial videos on how to use Adobe Lightroom. In the video, he explains how to use Lightroom to make your photos look more professional. Till date, the video has garnered more than 70K views. Samantha Jones is a Canadian YouTuber in the beauty niche

1. Share Discount Codes

Tutorial videos provide an overall understanding of your products for your potential customers. They are great at encouraging your audiences to go ahead and buy those products confidently.
One of the best ways to boost your conversion rates is by asking micro-influencers to review your products and share them. According to a study, 82% of people are influenced on their purchases by recommendations from micro-influencers. Why? Because the suggestions and reviews by micro-influencers are deemed to be authentic, honest, and unbiased.
Make sure though, that your micro-influencer’s niche aligns with your own, and they have a decent engagement rate. Otherwise, it will negatively affect the goals and objectives of your campaign. Platforms like Grin can help you find influencers relevant to your industry. You can filter them by industry, engagement rates, social media platforms, and much more..
All the micro-influencers were provided with sample products from the brand. The products were extremely relevance to the followers of these influencers. They posted images on Instagram showcasing the products and talking about their benefits.
Marieke is seen promoting their clothing line on Instagram

 images on Instagram showcasing the products and talking about their benefits
Image Source – Instagram

2. Get Honest Product Reviews

That’s the reason why they can generate higher engagement rates. As a brand, your objective should be to convert that into revenue. When your micro-influencers share discount codes or affiliate links with their followers – it gives them some more encouragement and motivation to buy. As a result, your conversions are likely to increase.
In the video description, she has also provided the links to these products so people can buy them directly
There are many ways in which you can work with micro-influencers to get your desired results. This post will talk about 5 such effective ways of boosting your conversion rates with the help of micro-influencers.
So, share your product samples or access to your services and ask your micro-influencers to review them. Encourage them to give their honest feedback. This includes both positive and negative feedback about your products or services. Such authentic reviews are likely to encourage your audiences to go and buy your products.

Their followers genuinely trust their opinions and recommendations. And that’s exactly why they’re able to generate greater engagement and conversions. According to Experticity, micro-influencers are capable of generating 22.2X higher conversion rates than other types of influencers.
Image Source – YouTube

Did you know that in 2017, the use of influencer marketing grew by 198%? Clearly, brands are taking it pretty seriously, regardless of their size. And in particular, one category of influencers are making most of the headlines these days – the micro-influencers. Mostly because they’re the most cost-effective to work with.

Micro-influencers generally have anywhere between 1000 and 100,000 social media followers. In spite of their smaller followings, they’re the ones who are able to generate the highest engagement rates. Why? Because of the way they connect with their audiences who are united by a common interest.
Image Source – YouTube

3. Have Them Do Product Tutorial Videos

Authenticity reflects in the content created by micro-influencers if they truly love your brand. When they do so, that they’re able to create their best work too.
Unboxing videos are a great way to introduce your new products because they are fun to watch. These videos are great at engaging audiences too because influencers share their genuine reactions in them. To increase the engagement further, influencers can host contests where they give away free product samples.
One of the best examples of a brand successfully using this strategy is Koa Organic Beverages. The brand collaborated with seven yoga micro-influencers for a marketing campaign. The main objective of the brand was to increase awareness of the brand among their target audiences.
Who doesn’t love special discounts on their favorite products? When you’re working with micro-influencers, a great strategy is to share unique discount codes or affiliate links. You may be wondering how that can boost your conversion rates. Let me tell you how.

You cannot push people to buy your products simply by promoting them. Even when you claim they’re the best, consumers are still cynical. They’ll always be concerned – what if the product does not really work? In such cases, social proof can work wonders.
Image Source – YouTube

4. Have Them Be Brand Advocates

And when their followers see how much they’re passionate about your brand, they’re likely to buy from you too. So, collaborate with micro-influencers on long-term associations and make them your brand ambassadors.
Her video review of Maybelline Inti-Matte lipsticks has received nearly 65K views. In the video description, she has also provided the links to these products so people can buy them directly.
Micro-influencers are able to engage their followers better due to the smaller size of their following. They’re able to feel the audience’s pulse better and understand what kind of content they admire. Also, their audience interests are more focused because they’re known for their expertise in a certain niche – unlike macro or mega-influencers having a diverse following.
In the picture below, Marieke is seen promoting their clothing line on Instagram. She’s also shared a unique discount code for her followers. The post isn’t pushy and she’s kept it very natural and authentic. In a day, her post has gained more than 1500 likes and 100 comments.

Omar El-Takrori is a freelance photographer having more than 6K subscribers on his YouTube channel
Image Source – Instagram

As part of your campaigns, you can ask micro-influencers to share some of their unique experiences in their posts. For example, their reaction on seeing the product for the first time. Or in other words – unboxing.

5. Have Them Share Unique Experiences

NA-KD is a fashion brand that works with micro-influencers to promote their clothing line. On one of their campaigns, they teamed up with Marieke Kazen, a micro-influencer having 16K+ followers on her Instagram account.
Collaborating with micro-influencers is a cost-effective strategy for your marketing. However, must ensure that your micro-influencers are relevant to your brand. Otherwise, it may be next to impossible to achieve your marketing goals. The above-mentioned strategies are effective ways of leveraging micro-influencers to increase your conversion rates.
With this campaign, the brand successfully reached almost 500K individuals and generated more than 10K likes.

For example, Samantha Jones is a Canadian YouTuber in the beauty niche. Her videos include reviews of new beauty products, beauty tips, tutorials, and her shopping hauls. She has more than 50K followers on her YouTube channel.
Image Source – YouTube

Final Thoughts

Oliviah Maisonet is a YouTuber with the only 1.9K subscriber to her channel

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