06th May 2019 –
And if you understand Dutch, do check out Emerce Conversion in Amsterdam. It brings together some world-class CRO practitioners who share tons of actionable CRO wisdom.
Digital Growth Unleashed isn’t 100% focused on conversion rate optimization, but conversion rate optimization is its “core focus.” Along with giving you actionable knowledge about CRO, this conference will also teach you tons about multiple other digital marketing channels such as content and email. If you can’t commit to any of these conversion rate optimization conferences this year, look for some of the more local events.
This conversion optimization event’s USP is:
The 2-day pass unlocks access to all the keynotes, networking events, and breakout sessions from the agenda. Plus, the breakfast, lunch, and cocktail receptions.
Follow “#DGU19” for updates on this conversion optimization conference.
Visit the event website and subscribe to get the details about this year’s event as they’re posted.
The sessions from the last year — all jam-packed with awesomeness —  reflect this. You can check out its sessions from the last year on topics like building a true experimentation organization, setting up the most optimized digital experience stack, offering advanced personalization and more to get an insight into what you can expect from this CRO event. It pretty much shows what you can expect to learn by attending this growth conference. This year, it will be the 11th time this CRO conference will be held and will see sessions from 18 experts.
The agenda for this conversion rate optimization event isn’t live yet but you can sign up here to get this conference’s details as they’re posted.
When & Where: June 17-19, 2019 (Las Vegas), Oct 16-17, 2019 (London), Nov 18-19, 2019 (Berlin)
This conversion rate optimization conference works on an invite-only basis and the organizer reviews each invite request “based on criteria around experience in experimentation, personalization, and testing.” You can request an invite here.
When: September 11-13, 2019
The agenda for this CRO conference isn’t live yet, but you can find details about it here.
Conversion Jam, the “WORLD`S BIGGEST Conversion & Growth Event” brings together growth and CRO experts from leading agencies and companies.
Where: Stockholm
NOTE: CXL LIVE 2019 is already done for the year. You can read the highlights here. Also, check out Evergage’s Personalization Summit. It’s the place to be to learn all things personalization.
If you’re looking to develop your all-round digital marketing strategy (including CRO, of course), this could be a great growth conference to attend. Its 2019 agenda isn’t live yet, but last year it had multiple sessions on key CRO topics.
When: March 27-29, 2019
With speakers from companies like Microsoft and Spotify and expert practitioners from top CRO agencies, Peep Laja’s CXL is the most thorough and value-packed conversion rate optimization conference you could ever attend.
Quite a few of the sessions for this CRO event are yet to be announced, but here’s its agenda. And you can register here.
In addition to the above conversion rate optimization conferences, you might also want to add to your radar the 3XE Conversion & eCommerce Conference, but for when it happens next year (as 2019’s event is over already).
This one-day conversion rate optimization event offers an opportunity for some “deep CRO learning” from the world’s top optimizers. With experts like Craig Sullivan, Ton Wesseling, Els Aerts and more giving sessions on CRO topics like diving deeper into Google Analytics data, validation, user research, etc., this event will leave you with tons of CRO ideas to implement right away.
When: June 6, 2019
Right now, there are no details about the speakers or the agenda for this year’s Conversion Jam event. But last year, there were many interesting sessions on CRO topics like conducting quality research, building an experimentation engine, and more. Where: Laulasmaa, Estonia
CRO conferences are, hands down, one of the best places to learn the most practical optimization tactics and connect with fellow optimizers. And most of these conferences are very well thought-out. With rich sessions, lively panels, and interactive experiences, they help you gain new insights and allow you to reimagine how you approach optimization. Also, the facetime conversion rate optimization events give you with the rest of your CRO tribe is priceless.
Where: London
This conversion rate optimization conference is unlike any you’ve been to. Here, all the 100 attendees actually connect at an intimate level and get hands-on and tactical advice from each other. It touches upon a host of CRO topics such as user research, personalization, mobile testing, and many more.
Here are it’s registration links: TRENDS WATCH: Step into Elite Digital Camp with a current overview of the testing landscape. We got you covered with the A/B Testing in 2020 and beyond expert opinion round-up.
So if you’re looking to attend a conversion rate optimization event in 2019, here are your best options.
“You will learn processes and tactics you can apply on any website you work on, and increase profits.”
Click Summit — the Premier Experimentation Event — brings together some of the leading practitioners of experimentation programs from a great mix of brands.
Unlike CXL (where anyone can learn conversion rate optimization tactics and start applying to their businesses), Optimizely’s annual conversion rate optimization event — Opticon — speaks to a more mature CRO audience.
Where: Austin, TX (USA)
When: October 8th, 2019 P.S If you’re organizing any CRO events, tell us and we’d love to include your event in future roundups.
Price: 00
When: June 13-15, 2019
Price: There are multiple pricing tiers for Opticon. A conference pass costs anywhere between 0 and 0. Additional training modules, as well as a masterclass option, are also available.
Packed with sessions on every aspect of CRO right from conducting world-class research and running better A/B tests and experiments to offering more personalized experiences and building a culture of experimentation, this conversion optimization conference is suitable for any company that wants to begin with or improve their CRO process.
Where: Raleigh, NC 97 – For the Las Vegas conference.
£ 795.00 – This is the super-early bird rate for the London conference.
€ 795,00 – This is the super-early bird rate for the Berlin conference.
There surely are many CRO hangouts happening right near you. While these local CRO conferences and meetups don’t happen at the grand scale like most of the above events, they still remain excellent networking and learning events to connect with your local CRO tribe and learn from your fellow optimizers.
Price: GBP £439.90 (Includes full access to the one-day optimization event.)
And because Optimizely organizes this CRO event, you can learn about the latest Optimizely developments and how to make the most of them here.
Co-organized by CXL, this conversion rate optimization event brings together some of the best-in-class optimizers who share actionable lessons with their peers.
To discover (and register for) some of these local conversion rate optimization events in your city, check out Meetup.
Price: This CRO conference offers quite a few optional (paid) content sessions/workshops in addition to the main event. But here’s the pricing for access to the full 2-day conversion optimization program:
Price: 895.00 € (Includes full access to the 3-day event (including the parties!), accommodation, transportation, and meals and snacks.)

Wrapping it up …

Price: 99 (Includes full access to the 3-day event (including the parties!), accommodation, transportation, and meals and snacks.)
Las Vegas
When: May 7-9, 2019
Where: San Francisco

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