Amazon Adds Brand Stores to Search to Increase Visibility

In 2018, Amazon introduced Amazon Store Insights to provide brands with daily and aggregate views of their store’s performance.
At this time, Amazon hasn’t announced which brands will be participating in the test or which brand store will be featured for unbranded searches.
In July 2017, Amazon launched “Stores” a free self-service product that allows brand owners to design and create multi-page stores to showcase their brands, products, and value proposition on Amazon. Vendors use “Stores” to exclusively showcase a curated collection of products. These stores also provide an enhanced brand-centric shopping experience on Amazon in both desktop and mobile platforms.

What does this mean for brands & advertisers?

“The Amazon Store Insights feature gives us insight around the effectiveness of the Store and allows us to understand how an audience interacts with the pages that we create,” Swamy said in a recent interview.

Do you think Amazon Stores in Search will increase brand visibility? Comment below! Stores elevate the shopping experience by: Amazon announced it will be creating additional methods for customers to discover “Stores” via Search. We spoke with Tinuiti’s Digital Solutions Specialist (and Amazon creative guru), AJ Swamy to get his take on the recent development and what it means for brands.

Example of an Amazon “Store”

About Amazon Stores

“By promoting additional methods for customers to discover Amazon Stores, Amazon is giving brands with better design and a deeper emphasis on branding a significant advantage in comparison to the competition. Customers don’t care if they are shopping on your website, in retail, or on Amazon,” Swamy says.

“Store insights also allow us to tag external traffic so we can finally get more information around the effectiveness of external advertising campaigns that we route to our Stores. With Amazon Store Insights, we can see how many customers convert organically from the store, which is groundbreaking.”

  • Capitalizing on internal and external traffic sources
  • Potential to boost organic ranking on Amazon and increase sales volume
  • Ability to promote new products to preexisting customers
  • Opportunity to introduce your brand to new audiences
  • Giving users a better mobile experience with your brand on Amazon

According to reports, “Amazon is testing a change to its search suggestions that adds a link to the related brand’s store page. Branded searches like “adidas” have “adidas store on amazon” as an option. Crucially, unbranded searches like “men’s running shoes” also have a suggested brand store.”
“Amazon has evolved from a conversion channel to a brand platform. In order to compete in the ecosystem in today’s age, it’s crucial to develop a brand experience across your product detail pages and your Amazon Store that not only introduces your brand but also effectively communicates why a customer should purchase your products.”
Stores give brands the ability to maintain their brand identity on the world’s largest online marketplace. All of those benefits alone are enough reason to invest in Amazon Stores. But on an even bigger scale, more brands are excited about Stores because this means they no longer have to worry about losing their brand identity in a competitive online marketplace.
“When a customer interacts with your brand they expect to see your brand at its highest form. By increasing the visibility of Amazon Stores on the channel Amazon is striving to give brand owners more opportunities to develop brand equity on the platform and establish credibility among consumers.”
AJ Swamy, Digital Solutions Strategist at Tinuiti

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