The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) is among the largest events of its kind. Open to businesses of all sizes and on a host of platforms, it attracts thousands of industry experts, exhibitors, and vendors each year.
When: March 9th to 10th
Where: Virtual
When: Aug 24 – 25, 2021  
When: July 13 – 15, 2021
Where: Virtual 
At Amazon World, Amazon sellers and resellers get first-hand insight into the success many have achieved with the platform. Usually held in Germany, the new virtual event is open to all, so sellers across the globe can share experiences.

If you’re looking to gain valuable tips and tricks, all while attending seminars, workshops, and trainings on performance, marketing, sales strategies, and campaigns, then Amazon World is the perfect conference for you. Discussion topics will include virtual e-commerce, tools for Amazon sellers, content optimization, performance marketing, off-Amazon advertising, and how to increase sales on Amazon.
Where: Online Where: NEC Birmingham, UK 
This still-growing ecommerce event is partnering with Amazon’s Self Service Performance Advertising (SSPA) team, inclusive of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) for vendors and sponsored products (SP) for sellers.
The eCommerce Expo is the leading UK and European-market event dedicated to the eCommerce industry. The Expo brings together over 8,000 industry leaders and decision-makers with the providers of the newest technologies. Enjoy 60+ seminars, 50+ speakers, and over 25 hours of great content.  Where: Virtual 
When: March 18th – March 19th
When: February 23rd – February 25th At the event, you’ll meet other Amazon sellers and product vendors that can offer advice or helpful collaboration on how to make the most selling on Amazon!
  Where: Southeast, Southcentral, and Southwest USA

If you’re in the market for new Amazon products, the ASD Road Show has got you covered! While not an Amazon Selling Conference proper, the Road Show boasts over 200+ different vendors across 19 merchandise categories, and stellar wholesales prices offer the opportunity to grow your profits up to 300%. 
Those who follow the internet retail industry are well-aware of the potential marketplace Amazon presents to both high-volume vendors and first-time business owners. Though there are many ways–including webinars, blogs, news sites, and peer forums to stay educated on the latest issues and concerns for Amazon sellers–the sheer amount of information and sources can be difficult to parse.

Conferences are an essential way for vendors to stay up to date on the latest trends and gain mastery of the techniques necessary to refine their strategies and expand their sales. More specifically, these events feature Amazon-led workshops, Amazon Sellers networking sessions, and specific tools and tips for growing your online business.
SellerCon (formerly the “Amazing Seller Summit”) is one of the most well-known events in the space. It’s put on by the folks at Amazing, an Amazon learning hub for sellers. This year, they will bring together over 40 of the world’s top Amazon, ecommerce, and marketing experts–all while streaming live. 
The IRX 2021 conference is free to all and will celebrate all of 2020’s successes. During the event, you’ll learn more about fascinating case studies and next-gen tech with real-life, COVID-19 tested examples. For any retailer looking to grow their online sales, it is a to-do! 
When: 17th – 18th March 
Where: Las Vegas, NV  Over 200 successful Private Label Amazon sellers in attendance. A small, selected group of international speakers will be sharing their expertise at the 2-Day European Seller Conference. With limited space for attendees, this is a rare opportunity you don’t want to miss. Meet, network, and gain more knowledge from other Amazon sellers in March 2021 in Prague. When: On-Demand (available now)
When: On-Demand (available now)
“You may only know a few people who sell on Amazon. You may know even fewer who sell A LOT on Amazon. At SellerCon, you’ll be virtually learning alongside thousands of Amazon’s top sellers.”
Where: Online and London, UK For 2021, Shoptalk is introducing 3 new online events called Retail Meetups. These collaborative meetings and events bring the retail industry together for curated trainings and small group peer discussions.
While thorough, this list is not meant to be comprehensive. As the volume of Amazon vendors continues to grow, there will undoubtedly be more conferences and workshops for sellers announced over the coming months.

The event content will cover SEO, social media, Amazon FBA compliance, emerging markets, PPC campaigns and more. And if you want to check out the exclusive talks from last year’s conference, you can purchase all the Amazon conference content here.
Join 30+ sessions over three days with multiple tracks and formats to choose from. From 1-to-1 meetings, workshops, matchmaking sessions, roundtables, town halls, lunch and learns, virtual happy hours and much more. Discover new tech that can help you maximize your online revenues or network with Amazon seller masterminds!
Midwest E-Com promises great learning and networking opportunities, and you can get updates and start networking before the event via their Facebook group.
Where: McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, Illinois Here are the best Amazon seller conferences to attend:
At the eTail Virtual Summit, you’ll hear from 45+ leading expert retail speakers on where the future of eCommerce and digital marketing is headed.
When: March, Early and Late April (Exact Dates TBD)
This conference helps Amazon vendors to understand the rules of selling and provides them with new strategies to grow their businesses. This event brings together a host of expert speakers and is open to novice and experienced sellers alike. For example, look forward to topics on Amazon growth advice, and how to build a brand and rank on Amazon

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