Customers can shop in both the Grocery section and the general merchandise section of Items from both sections will be made available for OPD, but only if the chosen location has the items in stock. If the store doesn’t have a valid item in stock, the customer can choose to activate the “substitutions” option, and the store will substitute the missing item for an item of equal or better value for no additional cost. 

What is Walmart Online Pick Up & Delivery (OPD)?

As of March 1st, advertisers no longer need to choose whether their ads serve on or on pickup & delivery. Search ads will automatically serve in the most relevant placements across the entire platform. As a result of this, reporting will be combined as well. Pickup & delivery inventory is now available through Walmart self-serve and through the Walmart Advertising Partners program.

How does it work?

When you order from, you have the option of using Walmart Online Pick Up & Delivery, (OPD) where items are packed and prepped for your arrival and given to you upon your arrival at the store. You’re able to pick it up from a designated pickup spot inside the store or have it brought out to your car via curbside pickup.
  Many brands are offering alternative pickup methods to help keep customers and employees safe. Such options include home delivery or curbside grocery pickup. Walmart is offering the same thing, but can provide more advantages for both its customers and its partner brands. 
Shoppers will need to register for a account in order to place an OPD order. Once an account has been created, they are free to order from any product within the Pickup & Delivery category of the site. 

Recent changes and impact on brands

Walmart’s surge in online popularity, coupled with its extensive shipping network, many store locations, and pickup and delivery options, means that brands will enjoy an increased number of online sales despite the challenges of the pandemic. It’s an excellent time to lean in on Walmart’s online offering and aggressively advertise through’s ad programs. 
“With the consolidation of OPD and .com, it’s increasingly important for sellers to keep a close eye on KPI volatility considering the fact that all swim lane changes occurred behind the scenes. These changes are likely to bring an increase in impressions and clicks so sellers will want to ensure that that increase is also positively influencing sales, conversion rate and return on investment.”
This change means that advertisers can get their messaging in front of shoppers right when they’re making purchasing decisions.
Stuart Clay, Associate Director, Marketplace Strategic Services at Tinuiti

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There is a minimum order value of for OPD. There are no additional fees for OPD orders that are picked up in a Walmart store.
Historically, advertising across these offerings has been separate. Starting in March, Walmart Connect will combine these offerings to produce more inventory and optimization levers for sellers. 
Walmart also plans to combine its digital offerings across, Online Pickup and Delivery, and the Walmart App to create a more holistic digital shopping experience.
First and foremost is its sheer number of physical locations. According to Walmart, 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart location. This makes it convenient for people to use Walmart OPD. Walmart has begun offering its customers No-Contact Pickup to keep them safe during the pandemic, making it an attractive option for seniors and safety-conscious customers. 

Walmart OPD: Tips for Brands

Second, a report by App Annie shows that there is a rapid increase in traffic for’s shopping app. While Amazon still has far more total downloads than Walmart, Walmart is competing closely with Amazon in the number of daily downloads. It had surpassed Amazon by as much as 20% and in 2020 held the #1 spot for shopping apps in the US. 

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, has its own distinct advantages over online-only retailers like Amazon. 

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