Lush’s Adam Goswell on the brand’s new ecommerce platform: we want to “categorise our products a thousand ways”

Earlier this month, global cosmetics brand Lush unveiled a “fresh new look” for its UK website and app, stating that “Following a year of online shopping and rising ecommerce”, the relaunch sets out to enable customers to “shop with ease” on Lush’s ecommerce channels.
To find out more about the tech now powering Lush’s new digital presence; its refreshed, pared-back design; and how the brand balances ethics with the practicalities of ecommerce, we spoke to Adam Goswell, Tech R&D and Digital Principal at Lush. In the wide-ranging conversation, Goswell talked about content and commerce, headless tech, how Lush has incoporated the voice of its community, and why it is taking inspiration from Netflix and Spotify in its approach to categorising products “a thousand ways”.

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