Twitter Tests New Social Commerce Capabilities with Shopping Card and Shop Module Rollouts

Baber Ghaznavi, Paid Social Strategist at Tinuiti

“Shop” Button on Tweets

The new Shopping Card, however, includes the following additional information:
A new weather reporting feature called “Tomorrow” is currently being launched as part of Twitter’s paid services program.

The New Twitter Shopping Card

It seems nearly all social media platforms are offering some level of social commerce capabilities, from Facebook and Instagram, to Pinterest and TikTok. Twitter is working hard to catch up after nixing their “Buy” button back in 2017, and has announced a host of new features that will help it establish a bigger presence in the growing social shopping marketplace.
In order to make Twitter more accessible to a broader set of users, Twitter is now testing a function that allows users to share tweets on Snapchat and Instagram.
A Super Follow subscription is predicted to cost .99 USD a month, and users can cancel at any time.

  • Product name
  • Shop name
  • Product price
  • Product/brand image
  • “Shop” button

Heading this new service is Eric Holthaus, a veteran climate journalist and meteorologist. The Tomorrow team will create both short-form and long-form content for subscribers, as well as newsletters.

Twitter is also considering ways to allow users to upload and view 4k images on their phones.

You may not have seen the Shop Module during your own Twitter adventures just yet—Twitter notes they are “starting small with a handful of brands in the United States”—but the exciting pilot was officially launched in late July 2021.
“While the Shop Module is a step in better-supporting shopping on Twitter, it also builds upon our efforts around Professional Profiles, which we started introducing earlier this year. With modular components for Professional Profiles, businesses across the globe – from small businesses and legacy brands to creator-founded businesses – will have access to customized profiles with features intended to help drive engagement and business outcomes.”

Twitter Shop Module

“Twitter’s expansion of their eCommerce capabilities provides significant opportunities to advertisers who are looking to expand their social footprint and reach new audiences ahead of the 2021 holiday season. Holiday competition paired with the impacts of iOS 14, and the recently released iOS 15, will lead to increased costs on the more established ecommerce social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest, resulting in Twitter becoming a strong option to efficiently target new audiences. Advertisers would be wise to begin quickly testing these capabilities to guide both their holiday and 2022 strategies.”

Twitter Shop Module
Baber Ghaznavi

Baber Ghaznavi

Single-image tweets that have been posted in standard aspect ratios will no longer be cropped. The composer tool will also reflect exactly how the image will appear on the timeline. Excessively tall or wide aspect ratios, however, will still be center-cropped.
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Twitter “Tomorrow” Weather Service

It’s no surprise that Twitter is racing to release their own ecommerce capabilities. According to eMarketer, the number of US social commerce buyers accelerated 25.2% to 80.1 million in 2020, and is estimated to grow another 12.9% to 90.4 million people in 2021. That’s a lot of money left on the table.
The service has already launched and is available in 16 cities across North America.
In early March, Twitter started adding a “Shop” button to the bottom of certain tweets. The Shop button was linked to product pages from the brands or retailers. These shoppable tweets are not Twitter ads, but organic tweets published by users.
Interested users can then click on the Shop button, which will take them directly to the product landing page.