Introducing improved ways to work across Amazon, other marketplaces and e-retailers. 

Executive Summary

We’ve launched a cross-marketplace analytics dashboard so our teams can monitor progress across different channels and quickly take action when needed, giving teams time back to focus on the work that matters most. These additional insights to digital shelf and share metrics also help our teams dive deeper into how brands are winning on Amazon and beyond. Lastly, we’ve continued to expand our suite of ad operations and campaign management tools to support Instacart and Walmart for stronger execution and better performance for our clients.
The Challenge   Our Share of Voice (SOV) metric provides clients with a clear means to track shelf ownership for the keywords they care most about. Benefits and capabilities include:
Available from: 7/31/2021

  • Fragmented reporting process and disparate tools across multiple e-retailers
  • Time to basic insights was manual and cumbersome

The MobiusX Dashboard is the first page our account managers see when they access a client’s account. Each “element” is fully customizable and allows our team to surface the data that is most valuable to the client. Features include: 

  • Discover which retailers take the majority of total budget
  • Identify which retailers or campaign types are outperforming on ROAS or ACOS
  • Identify when a metric or KPI is down relative to the previous week and enable teams to quickly take action
  • View “Amazon Ad Spend” alongside “Ordered Revenue” and “Lost Buy Box” Percentage to track overall impact to the business and identify when corrective action needs to be taken

Our Solution 
Users now have the ability to daypart Instacart campaigns. This enables users to automatically change the active state of a campaign based on the day and time. For example, a user can have a campaign status of ON only from 1-6 PM PST Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday and OFF during all other times. This empowers users to reach better efficiency when running ads on Instacart.

MobiusX – Amazon Share of Voice

The Challenge
We’re excited to announce the Q3 2021 releases of:
Relevant Audience: Walmart clients Relevant Audience: Walmart clients
Available From: 9/1/2021
The Challenge 
Advertisers leveraging Walmart’s Sponsored Product campaigns can spend hours mining customer query data for new targeting opportunities, let alone adding them to their desired campaigns. 
The Challenge 
The Challenge

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