“People spend more time researching which sofa to buy than which house,” Rob Bridgeman, CEO and founder of DTC sofa brand, Snug, told attendees at Econsultancy Live this week.
This is precisely what Bridgman set out to fix when he founded Snug in 2018, aiming to disrupt the furniture industry with their product and customer experience.
The D2C founder discusses the culture of testing at Snug, experiments with social commerce and community building, and the value of direct comms with customer in driving compound growth.
With Covid changing “the way people live, work, and socialise” during the past 18 months, Bridgman says that “we have reached the tipping point, and the sudden shift [in consumer behaviour] has forced companies to innovate, to find new ways to reach and interact with their customers.”
“We managed to reduce delivery times from nine weeks to one day. The product can be built in minutes without the need for any tools. It’s guaranteed to fit anywhere and can be reconfigured endlessly, and we offer a 100-day trial,” explains Bridgman.
Why? Because long wait times and complicated assembly requirements often cloud the sofa-buying journey.

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