The study shows how the pandemic has changed the fulfillment preference of e-grocery shoppers.
That’s according to a new report from Incisiv, a research firm, and Mercātus, digital-focused grocery consultants.
The study, “eGrocery’s New Reality: The Pandemic’s Lasting Impact on U.S. Grocery Shopper Behavior,” investigates U.S. online grocery shopper behavior and changes in shopping preferences in 2020 and beyond. It’s based in part on a 2021 survey of roughly 40,000 U.S. grocery customers with input from regional grocers.
Cowen Inc. is a U.S. multinational investment bank and financial services company. According to a June 2021 study by Cowen Research, nearly 60% of U.S. digital grocery shoppers stated they had purchased from Amazon or Walmart site in the past month. Ecommerce will account for over 20% of U.S. grocery sales by 2025.

  • Before the pandemic, 27% of online grocery shoppers chose home delivery, 33% preferred curbside pickup, and 40% preferred picking up in-store.
  • During the pandemic’s peak, 31% chose home delivery, 41% selected curbside pickup, and 28% picked up in-store.
  • Home delivery is now preferred by 24%, curbside service by 31%, and in-store pickup by 44%.

The study projects ecommerce will account for 12.5% of total U.S. grocery sales of .063 trillion in 2021, up from 10.2% in 2020, and will increase to 21.5% by 2025.

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