Twitter Spaces is a tool for live audio conversations. Live Spaces appear at the top of the timeline, making it easy for people to join yours. Price: Free.
Twitter Shops lets merchants handpick up to 50 products to showcase on Twitter. With Twitter Shops enabled, users will see a “View shop” button above tweets. Tapping the button opens the merchant’s shop to browse items. To purchase, consumers would click on a product to open an in-app browser to check out on the merchant’s website. Price: Free.

Twitter Tools

Twitter is a powerful platform for real-time news and promoting and communicating your brand. And with the right tools, Twitter can help a small business reach a big audience.

Screenshot of Media Studio for Twitter.
Screenshot of Media Studio for Twitter. Recorded Spaces

SocialOomph lets you schedule the publishing of content. Automatically feed your social networks and blogs from post queues that never run dry according to fixed or variable schedules and optional seasonal windows. Create posts that self-destruct after a period of time. Price: Personal Suite is free. Premium plans start at per month.
Amplify Pre-roll is an easy way to monetize videos on Twitter. Simply opt-in video content to participate in the revenue-share program. Choose your default settings to monetize as many videos as you want, then tag your content by selecting relevant tags from 15 content categories. Twitter automatically matches videos with advertising partners to reach target audiences. Price: Free.
BuzzSumo lets you analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit. Explore high-performing content, analyze data points to sharpen your marketing, identify influencers to help your brand or campaign, and track comments and trends to respond rapidly and capture opportunities. Price: Free for up to 10 searches a month. Premium plans start at per month.
Media Studio Producer is a tool within Media Studio for creating, scheduling, and promoting live broadcasts. Cut and share highlight clips in real-time. Track your performance with live analytics, and monetize your content. Price: Free.

Screenshot of Revue for Twitter.
Screenshot of Revue for Twitter. Amplify Sponsorships is a tool to promote and monetize content on Twitter, including live video, clips, and other storytelling formats like Sponsored Moments. One-to-one sponsorships pair your video content with pre-roll from exclusive advertisers and offer more customized branding opportunities. Price: Free.

Circleboom provides Twitter account analytics, follower and friends insights, tools to find fake accounts, spammers, inactive accounts, and smart search tools to find new peers. Use built-in tools to delete your Twitter likes, tweets, retweets, or archive. Price: Free for one social account. Premium plans start at .83 per month.
Mention monitors the web, listens to posts across social media, and manages the content. Uncover conversation trends, and filter and analyze data from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Monitor over 1 billion sources across the web daily, including press articles, review sites, forums, and blogs. Easily draft, schedule, and publish posts from multiple channels. Price: Free for up to three social accounts. Paid plans start at per month. lets you schedule tweets via direct message. Send a direct message with a prefix that says when you want to schedule the tweet. Tweet4me schedules and posts it. Tweet4me also supports Buffer. Price: Free.
Twitter Live Shopping allows shoppable video for live events. Users can take several actions while watching a live-shopping video stream on Twitter: click the shoppable banner and the Shop tab from the live events page, toggle between the Latest and Shop tabs, and watch the stream on the merchant’s website with an in-app browser. Price: Free.
Followerwonk is a social analytics tool to track and analyze Twitter followers. Compare Twitter accounts to find overlaps and target new influencers. Track follower gains and losses. Segment your followers by location, bio, who they follow, and more. Run global searches in Twitter bios, and analyze another account’s followers. Price: Basic is free. Paid plans start at per month.

Screenshot of Super Follows for Twitter.
Screenshot of Super Follows for Twitter. Tips allows creators to monetize accounts easily. Enable Tips on your profile by linking third-party payment services, including Cash App, Venmo, Chipper, Patreon, Strike, Bandcamp, and more. Price: Free.

Here is a list of native and third-party Twitter tools for small businesses. There are tools to create and distribute Twitter content, manage followers, monitor brand presence, track competitors, monetize posts, and promote a shop or product. All of these tools offer free plans. Many also have premium versions with expanded features.
Media Studio is a platform to manage, measure, and monetize your videos on Twitter. Upload, organize, and publish content across multiple accounts. Track the performance of all your content in a single place using the analytics dashboard — from comprehensive metrics for tweets and videos to earnings from monetized videos and more. Price: Free.
Warble Alerts provides free, once-a-day email alerts for activity on Twitter. Use Warble to monitor brands and engagement. Track keywords, phrases, hashtags, mentions, and more. Price: Free.
Communities is a group feature that gives people a dedicated place to connect, share, and get closer to the discussions they care about most. Admins and moderators set up and shape community access in customizable ways. Price: Free.

Screenshot of Recorded Spaces for Twitter.
Screenshot of Recorded Spaces for Twitter. SocialMention is a social media search and analysis platform aggregating user-generated content into a single stream. Track and measure what people say about you, your company, your product, or any topic. SocialMention monitors 100-plus social media properties directly, including Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, and Google. Price: Free.

Recorded Spaces enables hosts to record, edit, and share Twitter Spaces. Pick the start time of a recording and allow playback of the audio for up to 30 days. Share a recording to promote your podcast, live Space, virtual events, or your next scheduled Space. Recordings include the option for closed captions so people can still follow along with or without sound. Price: Free.
Media Studio

Third-party Tools

Moments are curated stories about what’s happening worldwide, powered by tweets. Include tweets from multiple sources to bring different perspectives to the story you’re telling. Stand out on the timeline by adding an eye-catching header image. Price: Free.
Buffer lets you plan, manage, and publish content on social media. Create drafts, get feedback, and coordinate and refine content as a team. Run a preset publishing schedule for each social account. Tailor posts for each social network. Price: Free plan provides three social channels and 10 scheduled posts. Paid plans start at per month per social channel.
TweetDeck is a customizable dashboard for managing Twitter accounts. Track your timelines, mentions, direct messages, trends, hashtags, tweets, and more. Schedule tweets in one easy interface — filter searches based on criteria such as engagement, users, and content type. Price: Free.

Screenshot of Warble Alerts home page.
Screenshot of Warble Alerts home page. Ticketed Spaces is a way to monetize live audio conversations. Host exclusive conversations, share bonus content, create personal connections, and monetize your audience. Set the size of your event at five or more. Remind attendees of an upcoming Space with notifications. Price: Free.

Super Follows lets you offer a monthly subscription to earn revenue and connect with your fans. Build an exclusive audience by offering bonus content and interactions. Price: Free to use, then pay 3% of monthly subscription revenue after fees.
Twitter Product Drops provides shoppers a way to stay on top of new items and gives select merchants another way to engage prospective buyers. With Product Drops, a merchant can tweet about an upcoming launch, and users will see a “Remind me” button at the bottom of the tweet to receive in-app notifications 15 minutes before launch and at the time of the drop. Price: Free.
Super Follows
Tweepsmap is an AI-driven Twitter analytics and management platform. Use the engagement dashboard for performance metrics on your tweet activity and audience interaction. Find common followers between any accounts. Analyze the Twitter accounts of others, and gain insight on influencer interactions and personalities to build relationships and advance your brand or campaign. Price: Basic plan is free. Premium plans start at per month.
Mentionmapp visualizes and explores your Twitter network. See the depth of Twitter engagements with this real-time network map. Click a node to explore its connections. Find new hashtags and followers. Price: Free.

Screenshot of SocialOomph home page.
Screenshot of SocialOomph home page. Warble Alerts

Twitonomy is a web and mobile app for visual analytics on anyone’s tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, and hashtags. Browse, search, filter, and analyze the people you follow and those who follow you. Export search analytics on keywords, hashtags, URLs, or users. Monitor tweets from your favorite users, lists, and keyword searches. Quickly identify those you follow who don’t follow you back. Price: Free. Premium plan is per month.
Location Spotlight is for brick-and-mortar businesses to display their location, hours of operation, and contact methods. Users can tap on the location listing to open their default map app. Price: Free.
Twitter Analytics measures how your audience responds to your content — what’s working and what’s not. The dashboard features performance statistics and a gallery of your greatest hits. Review your top-performing tweets, and explore the influencers in your network. Price: Free.
Revue, now part of Twitter, is a service to start and publish a subscription newsletter. Schedule your content, and manage your subscribers. Price: Free. Share just 5% of paid newsletter revenues in addition to processing fees.
Daily 140 provides an email each day with the most recent follows and favorites of the Twitter users you want to track. Learn from influencers, keep tabs on competitors, and explore via others’ social activities. Price: Free.

Screenshot of Mention home page.
Screenshot of Mention home page. Mention

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