Reach New Amazon Customers With Tinuiti’s First-to-Market Capabilities + Retail Media Updates [Release Notes Q2 2022]

This new feature has been available from May 2022
Upendar Garg 2022
MobiusX partnered directly with Amazon to integrate the latest version of Sponsored Brands campaigns that gives brands the ability to bid on New-to-Brand shoppers separately from repeat and loyal customers.

Acquire New-To-Brand Customers with Shoppers Segment Targeting on Amazon Sponsored Brand Campaigns

Relevant Audience: Amazon Clients

The Challenge: 

  • New-to-Brand metrics on Amazon are a great way to measure a campaign’s impact on acquiring new customers, but brands haven’t been able to explicitly target new-to-brand shoppers separately from repeat customers which limits their ability to maximize  New-to-Brand KPIs.

Our Solution: 

We’re excited to announce we have launched a first-to-market capability to reach new customers with Amazon Sponsored Brands, and the results for our clients have been impressive so far. We’ve also completed our migration to Amazon’s Selling Partners (SP) API bringing several fragmented datasets under one roof for more powerful brand strategies. For our Amazon Share of Voice (SOV) capability, we’ve added new ways to customize our clients’ brand portfolios to trend different business areas across the digital shelf. Lastly, we’ve bolstered our ad campaign management toolbox for retail media networks by adding new insights and automation capabilities to help brands implement bid strategies at scale. 

  • Customize campaign strategy to target New-to-Brand shoppers separately from returning customers with custom ad messaging & targeting specially catered to new-to-brand shoppers. 
  • This API-first capability allows advertisers a point-and-click solution to quickly launch new campaigns with up to 900% higher bid for New-to-Brand shoppers, helping to power brands’ new customer acquisition strategy.
  • Clients saw +6% New-to-Brand sales and +5% New-to-Brand orders for these campaigns vs. a control. 

Retail Media Bid Automation MobiusX

MobiusX Sponsored Brands Update MobiusX Sponsored Brands Update “Customer loyalty and garnering new interest in products and brands is essentially the bread and butter for brands/advertisers. Both of these metrics are essential, however before a customer becomes a loyal customer, they need to make their first purchase. Brands/advertisers who want to grow their customer base always find it challenging to target new-to-brand shoppers, and with this feature they will be able to overcome that challenge.”

Track Amazon Share of Voice for Value & Premium Brands  

Relevant Audience: Amazon Clients

The Challenge: 

  • Portfolio brands can compete on the same or complementary categories, but each brand has its own shopper strategy ranging from product design, messaging, and pricing. Ensuring a portfolio has the right brand mix across categories can require multiple reports and blending of disparate datasets, making it difficult and more time-consuming to make critical decisions.

Our Solution 

  • Track the performance of multiple brands across any Amazon category directly in MobiusX to make it faster to act on critical trends and information.
  • Analyze trends across value and premium brands in a single category, and leverage this data to maximize your category Share of Voice (SOV).

– Upendar Garg, Sr. Product Manager, MobiusX, Tinuiti
In this edition of our Q2 2022 Release Notes, we’ll take a deeper look at these new features and why they are important to clients including:

Relevant Audience: Walmart & Instacart Clients

The Challenge: 

  • Managing ad campaign strategy across retail media networks effectively requires a deep understanding of the nuances associated with each publisher. Bids, budgets, and messaging vary across retailer, category, and publisher which is a lot of complexity to manage at scale.

Our Solution

In this edition of our Q2 2022 Release Notes, we’ll take a deeper look at these new features and why they are important to clients including:

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