On the trends page, you’ll find links to our monthly and quarterly reports, our latest briefings and articles, as well as detail on analyst sessions and upcoming events and webinars.
new econsultancy homepage and top navigation

Homepage – showcasing Multi-Touch Learning™

There will still be some latest content featured on the homepage, but the page will chiefly be a place where we explain Econsultancy’s learning products. The new hub page, which you can find via the right hand side of the top nav, is also a great way to access the very latest content.

Trends and best practice pages – get the latest

Finally, members can now access The Econsultancy Skills Cloud from the link in the top right of the navigation, just above the burger nav. We launched the all-new Skills Cloud a few weeks ago on our new LMS and from today the first of our deep-dive learning channels, ecommerce, is live as well. If you haven’t done so already, go and check it out.
We’ve made some changes to the Econsultancy website. Depending on how you found this article, you may already have noticed a different look to our homepage, navigation and a number of landing pages. The aim is to try to make the website experience simpler for every visitor, whether they are a member or not, and to give new visitors a better understanding of what we do.
The streamlined header menu no longer uses dropdowns, so the most important pages are easy to find. As mentioned previously, every Econsultancy member, when logged in, will see a link to their own curated hub on the right hand side of the top nav. Each member hub page contains new and relevant content, and links to custom learning programmes in the Econsultancy Skills Cloud LMS.

Streamlined header menu and burger nav – find what you need, quicker

Head over to the best practice page to see the latest Best Practice Guides, webinars, case studies and Quick Guides.
Alternatively, you can use the burger nav to delve deeper and explore content on a particular topic, within a sector or in your preferred format. So, if you want to go straight to articles, or data and analytics, or FMCG, you can do so in two clicks.
If you want a snapshot of what’s new, our newly simplified header menu includes links to our trends and best practice pages.

The Econsultancy Skills Cloud™

Get in touch if you’re an Econsultancy member and have any feedback, or if you want to schedule a demo and learn more about Multi-Touch Learning.

Our homepage for the last few years has highlighted our latest articles, reports, case studies and events. Content and community are two of our strengths as a learning organisation, but that means we sometimes meet people who only know of Econsultancy as a publisher of digital marketing and ecommerce guides, or as an events business, or as a training business. On the new Econsultancy homepage, visitors will get a better overview of everything we do, encompassing skills assessment, on-demand online training (through The Econsultancy Skills Cloud™, our LMS), training for teams, best practice research and trends analysis.

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