Amazon team giving a presentation at Tinuiti Display Division Summer School 2022
“The couple of days together were what I consider invaluable. It has been quite some time since we have had the opportunity to participate in face-to-face events and even more meaningful to be able to participate with Tinuiti given your agency is location agnostic. We were thrilled to be with everyone in a room over the course of these days learning, presenting, and building relationships. I hope we can join you again!”

With more than 10 hours of engaging content covering everything from immersive AR creative experiences, to the future of attention-based measurement, the Tinuiti team left Philadelphia with invaluable learnings and actionable next steps from our partners to help better serve clients and drive continual growth. Let’s hear some of the top takeaways and insights from the event.

Summer school was in session for more than 50 members of Tinuiti’s Display Team this past July. The inaugural summer school event brought together Tinuiti employees and partners from all over the country for two full days of IRL team building, educational programming, and thought leadership in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (home to one of Tinuiti’s six office locations).
— Meg Gladora, Senior Manager, People Business Partners, Tinuiti Geoff Litwer — Geoff Litwer, VP of Programmatic and Display Media, Tinuiti 

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This dedicated event highlights Tinuiti’s people-first approach and investment in building deep expertise for a more surgical approach across the broad spectrum of media including OTT, Video, YouTube, Audio, OOH, and more. And as one of AdExchanger’s Top 50 Programmatic Power Players, Tinuiti’s team is constantly evolving in order to stay ahead of this ever-changing industry – and summer school was the place to do just that. This event would not have been possible without the support of our incredible Tinuiti partners. These partners hosted thought-provoking workshops and content sessions to share their vast expertise in the programmatic/display space plus they highlighted the latest and greatest innovations in the industry.  Getting consumers to pay attention to ads is still one of the largest challenges the industry faces today. The death of the third-party cookie is coming… eventually which means the marketing world as a whole is rethinking measurement. Attention has become the new measurement metric to consider when forming KPIs.

Top Takeaways From Tinuiti’s Display Summer School Event:

More Cookies? No Thank you! Driving Performance and Scale in Cookieless Environments 

Having great copy and design should be table stakes for marketers, but now’s the time to dive deeper into immersive creative experiences that truly tell a brand’s story and capture consumers’ attention. Animation, CGI, and AR are all great opportunities for brands to bring their message to life via ads. 

“There are few things more precious to a brand than the limited time they get to spend with their audience – storytelling, asking questions, reminding… Optimizing media campaigns towards increased attention will enable brands to increase that time to drive greater business outcomes.”

— Jen Werner, VP of Sales, Teads

Attention is the New Buying Metric

Immersive Creative Experiences Come Out on Top

“There is no greater challenge for marketers than their future ability to build and scale media against 1P audiences in privacy-safe environments.” “It was so great to be able to witness so many Tinuitians meeting each other in person for the first time – the excitement that was shared amongst the team was palpable. Summer School struck a great balance of educational/partner content and team building/quality time, and I’m grateful that we were able to demonstrate what it means to be a people-first culture. I’m confident that the people-focused ROI (retention, engagement) will be great!”

Interested in Driving Performance with Video, Podcasts, In-Game Ads, or Out of Home?

— Geoff Litwer, VP of Programmatic and Display Media, Tinuiti 

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