The Fundamentals of Market Research and Insights Best Practice
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  • The value of market research: The role of market research within the broader insight mix, its key benefits, opportunities and challenges, as well as the strategic risks of ignoring customer insight.
  • Market research framework:
  • The common use cases for market research, from tactical campaigns to long-term business planning.
  • The key considerations for planning and conducting market research, and for taking action based on research findings.
  • Research quality and ethics: Ethical considerations for research and tips on how to spot bad research and statistics.
  • Trends and technologies: From responding to the third-party crackdown to the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in data collection and analysis, this section will explore how the role of market research is changing.

In an environment of rapidly changing customer behaviour, leveraging customer insight is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. This webinar distils the key learnings from Econsultancy’s new Fundamentals of Market Research and Insights Best Practice Guide. It covers the essential research tools, techniques and methodologies that drive better customer-centric decision-making. The webinar will discuss:

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