[Infographic] The Path to Conversion

Online marketing is unique because there is little to no interaction between the business and the customer. That makes it harder for marketers to connect to their target market. But through conversion, they get  a chance to convey what they want to their customers through their web page’s content, even when we’re not there. Conversion also allows marketers to sift through the thousands of visitors and zero in on potential customers that actually plan on making a purchase, which is why it is so important to get on the right path to proper conversion. The folks over at ion interactive have given us this great infographic about how to get on the path to conversion, and how to make your online marketing campaigns more effective. It used to be that getting traffic was enough for a successful online business. But recent times have shown that it is nowhere near enough to ensure a success. Conversion has become one of the best ways of making your online business effective. Conversion is converting casual visitors of your website, into paying customers. This makes sure your visitors are there, not just to window shop, but to actually purchase something. This infographic shows us how to get on that path of conversion.

  • Landing Page Importance
  • Focused Content and Targeted Conversations
  • Testing and Strategy
  • Quality Scores (SEM)
  • Reactive Pages (polling and user data)
  • Visitor Segmentation

Path to Conversion
Aside from teaching us about the path to conversion, we can also earn a lot of interesting and helpful insights from this infographic, including: