04th Jul 2018 – What Makes Convert So Compatible With Shopify Plus?
Leading ecommerce platform Shopify Plus and popular A/B testing tool Convert share a common goal; to help growing ecommerce businesses maximise their conversion rates, boost their revenue and make the most of their traffic online. They also have one more important thing in common; affordability.
In addition to being quick to set up and easy to use, it integrates easily with other analytic and marketing suites, such as Google Analytics, HubSpot and Hotjar, thus simplifying and enhancing your business’ CRO strategy as a whole.
While your competitors’ testing programs are stalling due to security patch updates, securing budgets, managing server upgrades and other legacy problems, your business will be side-stepping all of these issues completely. By combining Shopify Plus and Convert, your company will instead be growing sustainably as you are given all the tools to focus on marketing, testing and improving your customer experience – all for a far lower price.
All of these reasons have led our Swanky team to pick Shopify Plus as their ecommerce platform of choice, just like so many global brands who have chosen to build their stores with it; including Red Bull, Gymshark, Kylie Cosmetics and Budweiser.
For example, Shopify Plus merchants have exclusive access to Shopify’s own payment gateway Shopify Pay, as well as the opportunity to create a multi-location inventory and manage it in a single dashboard.

These success stories are proof of the importance of finding and combining the perfect platform, testing tool and digital agency for your company.

Why do Swanky develop exclusively on Shopify Plus?

Combining Convert and Shopify Plus has:
Here are a few of the reasons why:
Essentially, with the technical, hosting and security aspects of your online presence already taken care of, hosting your website with Shopify Plus means that you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about your website.
But what exactly sets Shopify Plus and Convert apart from the competition – and what could pairing the two do for your business?
Shopify Plus

how does launchpad work?

Shopify Plus users also have instant access to a wide selection of easily installed plugins and enterprise solutions, including review apps like Yotpo, machine learning upsell and promotional tools such as Nosto and email marketing solutions like Bronto, DotMailer and Klaviyo, to name just a few.
Importantly, this high value platform also comes at a low cost. Shopify Plus is currently priced from 00 a month, with merchants who turn over more than 0,000 per month charged on a revenue percentage-based scale. Yet, it delivered its merchants a billion turnover in 2017 and is forecasted to exceed billion in 2018.
Unlike many other testing and personalisation tools, Convert is remarkably simple to implement into your Shopify Plus store and begin testing on. With its WYSIWYG-editor allowing quick, light-touch testing, and a code editor enabling heavier changes, this tool gives you the ability to get both simple and complex tests quickly underway.
A huge step up from standard Shopify functionality, Shopify Plus is a powerful and reliable ecommerce platform which is particularly well-suited to rapidly growing enterprise businesses.

By combining the affordability, reliability and scalability of Shopify Plus with the 99.99% uptime and blink-free testing of Convert, you are building the perfect digital toolbox for your brand’s sustained and accelerated growth.

Ultimately, both Convert and Shopify Plus’ services are sure to deliver outstanding results for your ecommerce website – so long as you are with the right agency.
One of the key benefits of hosting your website with Shopify Plus is its steadfast 24/7 server availability. While this level of constancy could be seen as difficult to beat, Convert have matched Shopify’s reliability with a 99.9% uptime of their own.
When using both Convert and Shopify Plus to deliver your digital strategy, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your website will be both performing and testing optimally and securely at all times.
Although most other platforms of equivalent capability ask for a 12-month commitment from their clients and their pricing starts at roughly twice the price, Convert delivers outstanding results without requiring your business to break the bank.

shopify pay

Why does Convert pair well with Shopify Plus?

After using Convert to optimise a number of Shopify Plus stores and witnessing the amazing results that this combination can deliver, we believe that Convert and Shopify Plus are a match made in heaven when it comes to providing the best possible value for rapidly growing businesses.
Above all, Shopify Plus understands the value of ecommerce managers’ time and money.

Combined affordability

Teaming Convert with an affordable ecommerce platform like Shopify Plus will therefore provide your business with the best possible value and results.
To find out more about building the perfect digital toolbox or selecting the right agency partner, feel free to read our article on “How to Pick the Perfect CRO Agency for Your Business”.
While advanced and statistically accurate CRO testing is usually only available for large enterprise brands, Convert’s affordable rates make enhanced scalability a realistic option for smaller yet rapidly growing ecommerce businesses.
That’s why they offer online business owners across the globe more flexibility and easier customisation options than any other platform out there.

Combined ease of use

Shopify Plus also allows you to take your business global, with their introduction of a host of new internationalisation features allowing international customers to shop in their native currency and make purchases using their local payment method.
With over a thousand Shopify apps available to its users, the platform offers an impressive array of features to boost your revenue and enhance the ecommerce experience for both you and your customers.

Combined reliability

In particular, Shopify Plus have built their own enterprise apps ecosystem – comprised of specialised automation tools such as Shopify Flow and Launchpad – which allow users to quickly and easily automate day-to-day tasks ranging from customer communication, product tagging and merchandising all the way through to scheduling discount code creation, sale-specific theme changes and promotional launches.
As an ecommerce design, development and optimisation agency partnered with both Convert and Shopify Plus, our team at Swanky have certainly seen and experienced the benefits of using them together.

Integration is a breeze

If you are looking to reap the benefits of a fully optimised ecommerce store without spending more than you need to, Shopify Plus is an ecommerce platform well worth considering. We have certainly found that combining the Shopify Plus platform with Convert’s testing toolkit is a recipe for online success.

As a fully hosted solution, Shopify Plus provides its users with 99.98% uptime, 80 millisecond page response times and 24/7 priority support while generating an average year-on-year growth rate of 126% for enterprise-scale businesses.

What results has Swanky generated using Convert and Shopify Plus?

While partnering with Convert, we are proud to have consistently exceeded our clients’ expectations for revenue growth
While partnering with Convert, we are proud to have consistently exceeded our clients’ expectations for revenue growth.

  • More than doubled one client’s monthly revenue (£81k to £260k) in 5 months.
  • Tripled one business’ Q1 revenue year on year (from £220k to £620k).
  • Increased one company’s loyalty program subscriber total by over 100% within 2 months of beginning testing.
  • Increased one client’s sign-up-to-purchase conversion rate for new loyalty members from less than 1% to over 13% within 14 days of sign-up.
If you are interested in learning more about Shopify Plus or want to find out more about Swanky’s optimisation services and how they can use Convert to maximise your profits, please feel free to get in touch with their friendly team of digital experts today.

As a leading ecommerce design, development and testing agency, we have been partnered with Shopify since 2011 and have been part of the Shopify Plus Experts program since its launch in 2016 because we believe it to be the most flexible, user-friendly and scalable ecommerce platform on the market.
Red Bull, Gymshark, Kylie Cosmetics and Budweiser.

The bottom line

Both organisations are distinguished not only by the outstanding results that they deliver – as proven by the doubled and tripled revenue of multiple previous Convert and Shopify Plus clients – but also by the high value and ROI (return on investment) that they provide for their customers.
Like Shopify Plus, Convert is extremely flexible, versatile and user-friendly.
Convert is remarkably simple to implement into your Shopify Plus store and begin testing on

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