27th Sep 2018 – ActiveCampaign + Convert: Follow-Ups that Increase Conversions
You can not only schedule email nurturing based on experiments and variants that your prospects have been exposed to, you can now send text messages to prospects who open certain emails or interact with certain site messages in these sequences through the addition of SalesMessage.
What does this mean for you?
Want to learn more about Shopify’s direct integration with Convert Experiences? We got you covered in the blog.
Evaluate the impact of variants on your sales and revenue better than ever before. You’re welcome.
ActiveCampaign account
Imagine this. Someone books an appointment with you. They have never had an interaction with your brand before but are now here on your calendar wanting to talk “strategy”.

Integrate Convert Experiences with ActiveCampaign

Here you can monitor, explore, and visualize your email subscription metrics for particular variants and improve the effectiveness of your experiments.

Set up Integration:

  1. Add Convert Experiences Tracking Code to your website
  2. Add ActiveCampaign Tracking Code to your website
  3. Next, you should enable your Active Campaign Event Tracking by following these instructions.
  4. Finally, add the integration code as described here.

Verify Integration

With this 3 app integration, you can track and optimize your marketing and sales workflows directly from within the Woopra platform. Woopra’s customer journey funnels and segmentation data enable you to deliver contextually relevant messages to improve conversions and drive customer engagement.

What Data is Used?

Slemma pulls data from the Convert Experiences + ActiveCampaign integration to its dashboard.

  • Exp_Name– the name of the experiment limited to the first 20 characters or the Experiment’s ID as found in your Convert account, depending on whether you have data anonymization enabled or not
  • Var_Name- the name of the variation limited to the first 20 characters or the Variation’s ID as found in your Convert account, depending on whether you have data anonymization enabled or not

Together this is an unbeatable combination that takes away a lot of the headache around analysis and intelligence that a privacy-aware world sends your way.

It is more about using the tools that mesh well with Active Campaign to provide personalized follow-ups – emails and otherwise – so that each test variant has its best shot at getting you results.
Once the contact is in ActiveCampaign and tagged with Convert Experiences information, you can trigger the drip marketing and sales automation processes set up within your account in order to personalize follow ups to variants.

What’s Next?

Inside your ActiveCampaign account, you can see the Convert events based on a certain Experiment – Variation pair to analyze visitor behavior for a particular variation:
The volume of information and the scope of possibilities can be a bit overwhelming. So only focus on the events and the tools that matter.
You can even sync historical data from your connected Shopify store into your account. This includes:

Convert Recommends:

Enrich Marketing & Evaluate Deals for Sales

If you integrate Convert Experiences, Active Campaign and Wistia, you can place a subscription form within your videos, immediately sending any contacts captured into the ActiveCampaign list of your choosing.
So how can Active Campaign, Convert Experiences and SalesMessage make your life easy?
In short you can schedule engaging email flows – based on both the video prospects saw to enter your list and the variants of your A/B tests they were exposed to, as they made their way through your funnels.
Connecting your canUmeet account with Convert Experiences + ActiveCampaign account is easy. Lets roll down through some points on how to do this.
Woopra is famous for its unify-analyze-engage philosophy and allows businesses to identify what’s broken in their funnels so that leaks in leads, revenue or goodwill can be effectively fixed.
With the set-up described you have the power to:

Every event in your ActiveCampaign account coming from the Convert app will be tagged with:

Together Active Campaign and Convert Experiences are natural partners on a business’s journey to more leads, profits, and customer value.
SalesMessage allows you to reach prospective clients and current customers with text messages, all from a real local phone number. This tool empowers teams to book appointments with a click, create or update contacts on the fly, and personalize messages with merge fields.

Once Convert Experiences is talking to ActiveCampaign, you can go one step further and integrate with Woopra as well.

Customize Human Interactions with Text Messages

After connecting your data to one of the warehouses as described above, you can create dynamic business intelligence reports and charts with Slemma.
But the article we have for you isn’t just about how you can import Convert Experiences data into Active Campaign.
behavior for a particular variation
Slemma is a data analysis tool that enables you to generate simple, easy-to-use and dynamic data reports from multiple data sets.

Once they meet your pre-defined criteria, Woopra can add them to the corresponding Active Campaign pipeline, where they already have the A/B test information.

Appropriately Engage Leads Captured Through Video Views

Bringing Wistia to the equation changes the game.
Some of the other features SalesMessage offers are forwarding calls, the ability to archive conversations, receive pictures, store notes & activities, and automate outbound texts.
However, with the ActiveCampaign as the source, Segment brings all of your data together in one place, giving you the power to understand your email strategy and how it figures as a part of your overall customer journey.
It is the ultimate customized follow up to your experiments.
You can send actionable purchase and abandoned cart data directly from a Shopify or WooCommerce store to your ActiveCampaign account and layer this information with Convert Experiences variation and personalization inputs.

One problem though – the application of notes is manual. That’s where Woopra steps in.

Ace Your Appointments with Relevant, Personalized Content

With the ROI per dollar spent rising almost every year, it is still the best way to keep in touch with prospects and gradually guide them to conversions.

  1. On the canUmeet integration page, please go to Other apps and choose Active Campaign.
  2. When you click on Connect, you will be asked for ActiveCampaign Account URL and API Key.
  3. Head back to your ActiveCampaign account and click on the profile picture on top right corner of screen where you can find MySettings option.
  4. Under MySettings, go to the Developer section and click on that.
  5. A new window pops up that contains your AccountURL and API key. Copy and paste them into canUmeet. And, congrats you have successfully connected canUmeet with ActiveCampaign.

Through Segment Sources, you can push your Convert data that is enriched with ActiveCampaign fields to a Postgres or Redshift warehouse, or to any of the 180+ integrations supported by the Segment platform, without requiring any coding.
This is all good – but why would you want to go through the trouble of integrating canUmeet with Active Campaign and by relation, Convert Experiences?
These questions have always been difficult to answer because they rely on joining multiple datasets in highly customized ways.

  • Send them a default welcome message through the canUmeet and Active Campaign integration
  • Tailor the follow up even more based on the variants they see on your site and which inform their context for your company

This way you can also be apprised on the type of content they view – if they decide to explore the site before your call and in doing so stumble upon your tests.

Expand the Profitability of Ecommerce Experiments

We know that Segment helps you make the best use of your data for informed decisions. That’s why we talk about all the advantages of a Segment and Convert Experiences integration here.

Another great way to not only trigger customized up-sell or cross-sell email follow-ups for people who purchase your products, but also keep better track of the conversions driven by Convert Experiences tests in terms of actual dollars spent.

Simply create a trigger in Woopra to add a note to contacts who match a segment by taking certain actions. Your note can also include insights that Woopra has gathered about contacts based on their actions, using the Woopra “tags” dropdown.

  • All contacts in your Shopify account along with any orders that they made.
  • All contacts in your Shopify account that have not placed any orders with you.
  • All orders placed by contacts that already exist in your ActiveCampaign account.

First step, you have to integrate Convert with ActiveCampaign so that for each Convert experiment, the integration will pass along the experiment name and variation name that the website visitor is currently bucketed into (if any).

Optimize the Impact of Emails On Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Once the installation is ready, verify the setup by installing the Convert Chrome Debugger.
Speaking of conversions, Convert Experiences allows you to test variants of your website pages, forms, content (–and a lot more—) against each other to find what performs the best.
Email is not dead.

  1. How many total email interactions have you had with a customer this week?
  2. What is the life-time value of customers that came in through a particular email campaign and test variant?
  3. Which emails are most effective for reactivating users?

Using Segment Sources will allow you to answer the following questions:

Convert Experiences integrates out of the box with 70+ tools and platforms. Plus it has timely and helpful privacy notifications that keep your tests on the right side of data security.

Now you can integrate the set-up with a whole gamut of tools – Advertising, Analytics, Attribution, CRM, Customer Success, Deep Linking, Email Enrichment, Heatmaps & Recordings, Helpdesk, Livechat, Performance Monitoring, Personalization, Raw Data, Realtime Dashboards, Referrals and SMS & Push Notifications, to name a few.

Understand How to Make Your Tests and Emails Play Nicer

Wistia gives you serious video management tools and provides much more than a simple video hosting solution. With it you can customize, deliver, analyze and do much more for your video content, on one simple to use platform.
Let’s play out a Convert Experiences – Active Campaign – Woopra interaction in the real world. We all know that the actions prospects take on a site can vary vastly based on what their first touchpoint with a brand is. If you are running A/B tests, there are different “versions” of the touchpoints to take into consideration.
With the explosion of media such as Youtube, video has become a vital player in marketing and sales for businesses all over the world. Videos are great but the mere fact that there are so many that may nudge your leads towards conversion makes attribution and evaluation of video content effectiveness quite difficult.

Once you have Convert with ActiveCampaign up and running, what next?

You can also find the direct impact of variations on the ease of closing deals. Active Campaign also functions as a CRM. Contacts with Convert Experience variation and experiment data can actually be arranged in pipelines corresponding to their state in the sales close sequence. Let’s assume you have set up Woopra to score leads and qualify contacts as potential deals, based on their actions across your site and other digital channels.
As a member of the sales and marketing team, you may wish to enrich the contacts in your Active Campaign database with information pertaining to behavior patterns based on variations seen, which conveniently are also present in Active Campaign, thanks to the integration with Convert Experiences. You can use the “notes” feature of Active Campaign to get this done.

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