27th May 2019 –
Omnichannel started out as a buzzword, but fast forward to 2019 and it is essential to the growth and stability of most businesses in the market.
The problem is omnichannel testing is complex.
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Omnichannel is the diversified presence of a brand across multiple channels of customer interaction and acquisition.
And you can’t just have a hodgepodge of marketing strategies without measuring impact and optimizing them for better conversions.
It is quite beautiful. Inbound meeting outbound… online co-existing with offline.
While most businesses still struggle to envision a true omnichannel blueprint, tweaking it for better results may seem overwhelming.
In this video he lays out:
  • A quick introduction to omnichannel marketing and its significance
  • Why “intention is king” in the world of omnichannel
  • The one key step you HAVE to take to begin optimizing your omnichannel marketing blueprint
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Originally published May 27, 2019 – Updated February 26, 2021

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