20 Top Heatmap Tools for In-depth Heatmap and User Behavior Analytics

Price: You can process about 10,000 pageviews and 1000 recordings each month for free with Inspectlet’s free plan. The free plan also includes Inspectlet’s newly launched A/B testing functionality but you can only test with a 1000 visitors in this plan, which pretty much renders it of little use.
Heat maps are here to stay. There is something absolutely fascinating about the idea of gauging the user friendliness of a design by tracking the eye movements of users exposed to it.
How it works: Add Smartlook’s code into your website and it should work like magic.
Price: Lucky Orange comes with fairly straightforward pricing with its paid plans starting at . The /monthly plan lets you analyze 25,000 page views with unlimited recordings and heatmap data. Price: Smartlook’s pro plans start at and support about 5000 users with a data retention period of a month. It also offers a limited free plan.
How it works: Add the FullStory script on your website and you should be good.

Backed by 200k+ users, Smartlook helps you understand the ‘whys’ of your users’ behaviors with clear, visual insights.” In addition to offering you rich heatmaps and session replays, Smartlook also helps you visualize your users’ full journey right from the time they first land on your website (say via a Google ad) all the way up to their revisiting your website and converting by clicking on your Facebook retargeting campaign.
Compliance with the GDPR: There’s no mention on the website about this heatmap tool’s GDPR compliance, though the company has been blogging about its journey toward achieving it. It’s best to contact someone on the team to understand its current compliance status with this respect.
Who this is for: Yandex.Metrica isn’t just a user behavior analytics solution. It’s a full digital experience analytics solution. This makes it perfect for optimizers who want to create hypotheses that use multiple data points (including user behavior insights) for their experiments.
Don’t worry. Compliance with the GDPR: Matomo is GDPR compliant according to their website.
Compliance with the GDPR: Decibel Insights is GDPR compliant according to their website.

How it works: Just add the tracking snippet from Yandex.Metrica to your web pages and you should be set.
In this list, we’ve rounded up the best heatmap tools out there and have also explained what makes each special, and if it might be the best heatmap solution for you based on your needs.
Looking for a free heatmap tool that delivers? Or need a Hotjar alternative? Or simply need to run an experiment to hit your desired testing velocity — but don’t have another two weeks to collect and analyze heatmaps for hypothesizing?
This user behavior analytics solution uses statistical analysis and machine intelligence to identify optimization opportunities on your website. It’s like your “24/7 data scientist”  that adds a monetary value to your user behavior metrics like user struggle and prioritizes the highest-impact opportunities for you. Quantum Metric’s “Heatmaps 2.0” are dynamic and capture clicks even on the dynamic elements on a page such as a popup. How it works: Just add Inspectlet’s tracking code to your website and you should be good.
* You should try this to check out its uber-cool dynamic heatmap feature!

How it works: Just add Crazy Egg’s tracking code to your website and you should be good to capture all your users’ click and interaction data.
Packed with heatmaps, sessions recordings, funnels and form analytics, visitor profiles and more, Matomo Analytics gives your business “100% data ownership and user privacy protection” as you can install it on your servers (and keep all your data with you). A cloud version, too, is available. Matomo brings together both numbers and user behavior data to enable you to make more informed hypotheses.
Compliance with the GDPR: Mouseflow is GDPR compliant, according to their website. Crazy Egg is another top pick when it comes to generating heatmaps. With 300k+ users, this heatmap tool is a favorite with optimizers who want to understand how their users are behaving on their websites. Packed with heatmap snapshots, screen recordings, scrollmap reports, confetti snapshots, and website overlay click percent reports, this heatmap tool helps you accurately understand the activity levels of your website’s visitors on the different pages and parts on your website.
Who this is for: Matomo is for any optimizer who wants to get the best of user behavior and analytics data for running better experiments.  
Compliance with the GDPR: It appears that Crazy Egg is still working toward becoming GDPR compliant.
Compliance with the GDPR: Hotjar is GDPR compliant according to their website.
Price: Reactflow’s pro plans use a use-based billing with the lowest tier at .99/mo for 5k daily page views. It also offers a free plan that supports processing 1k pageviews daily. Who this is for: Reactflow is an ideal heat map tool for optimizers who are looking for gaining even more qualitative insights than what typical heat maps offer. A happy user explains how switching to Reactflow from another heatmap tool (Hotjar) helped them  gather even higher “number of details that we were missing out…
Compliance with the GDPR: It’s best to request the team about its current compliance status.
This heatmap tool can also answer questions like: “What color catches more attention in the visual scene? Should you increase brightness or induce darkness?
In the meantime, did you favorite heatmap tool make it to the list? And do you use any of these tools to understand how your users engage with your websites?
Mouseflow is another awesome user behavior analytics solution that comes with rich heatmaps, session replays, funnel and form analytics, and surveying and feedback functionalities. Backed by 125k+ users, Mouseflow comes with a number of heatmaps like click heatmaps, movement heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, attention heatmaps, geo heat maps along with powerful filtering and segmentation capabilities.
How it works: Unlike most heatmap tools that take weeks to collect your visitors’ behavioral data for delivering insights, Feng-GUI taps into its algorithmic model that uses “tens of thousands of live eye tracking results” and delivers results instantly. Using its data, it offers you MIT approved reporting — at an accuracy of (92%) when compared to real eye-tracking — including heatmaps, gazeplots, areas of interests, opacity, and aesthetics. There’s a heatmap tool that’s just right for you.
Form analytics is another handy feature of Horjar that you can use to identify your users’ frustration while filling your lead-generation forms.
Who this is for: Mouseflow is a solid heatmap and user analytics solution that pros use. Optimizers who are looking to spot instances of user frustration and errors for optimizing will find Mouseflow’s features for the same pretty handy.
Compliance with the GDPR: Inspectlet is GDPR compliant according to their website.
Compliance with the GDPR:  This heatmap tool is GDPR compliant according to their website.
Price: The paid plans for Matomo Analytics start at /mo with the lowest plan supporting 50,000 page views with a data retention period of 6 months. You can also choose to go with its open source on-premise version to install on your own servers.
Hotjar is a hot favorite for heatmaps. With 350k+ users, this is a proven heatmap solution that helps optimizers with click heatmaps, move heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps. It also comes packed with advanced funnel analytics showing you exactly where you lose your leads and how these leads (that drop off) behave on your website. Price: Crazy Egg’s plans start at a /mo plan (billed annually) with the lowest plan supporting processing of 30,000 pageviews and 100 recordings per month. The data storage for this plan can feel pretty limiting at just 3 months.
Price: This heatmap tool is available in three plans with its basic plan offering 100 analyses each month at /mo.
SeeVolution is a very user-friendly heatmap tool that gives you a “front row view to the way your customers engage with your website…” With click, mouse-over, attention, and scroll heatmaps, SeeVolution shows you all the hot and cold spots on your website thereby uncovering tens of optimization opportunities. Also with its Backstage views, you can zoom into your website’s hot spots to dig into the data of the users who engaged with it (for instance, their location, source, browser, and more).
Compliance with the GDPR: It’s best to ask the team about SeeVolution’s current GDPR compliance status.
How it works: You can go for the cloud-based or self-hosted versions depending on your data processing and usage needs.
Who this is for: SessionCam is for any optimizer who is looking to automagically spot and prioritize areas of optimization in their funnels based on the user behavior data. Compliance with the GDPR: Quantum Metric is GDPR compliant according to their website.
From identifying elements that cause confusion and distraction and learning if the key messages and CTAs are failing to get any attention to finding out the exact causes of drop offs (by watching session replays of the dropoffs), Reactful is much more than a heatmap solution. It’s actually a full funnel analytics solution with powerful heatmaps. It also offers feedback collecting, surveying, and session recording functionalities.
Who this is for: For a single fee, Hotjar offers a lot of bells and whistles. Not just that, it also integrates with most of the advanced optimization solutions like Convert Experiences. It even lets you segment your users and use your plan to target a few specific ones, so that you can gain the insights you want while still staying in your plan’s quota!
Price: FREE!
How it works: Just add a line of tracking code to your website and Decibel Insights will start deciphering your user behavior data for you! You can also go for on-premises deployment if you’d like the data collecting and processing to happen on your servers. How it works: Just add Lucky Orange’s one line installation code to your website and you’re good to go.
With detailed heatmaps, session recordings, funnel and form analytics, and polls, Lucky Orange gives you everything you need to understand your users’ behavior when they’re on your website. Lucky Orange is the “world’s first – and only – fully interactive heatmap that overlays as you browse your website.” Taps, moves, clicks, scrolling — Lucky Orange captures every single thing your users do on your website and also offers advanced segmentation and filtering capabilities to help you get the data you need for planning your tests.
How it works:  Simply add Heatmap’s tracking code to your website and it will start capturing your website’s user behavior data.
Price: There’s no pricing information available upfront on the website. Check in with the team to get an idea.
Compliance with the GDPR: Reactflow is GDPR compliant according to their website. Compliance with the GDPR: Yandex.Metrica is GDPR compliant according to their website.
Unlike many multi-feature heatmap and analytics tools on this list, Ptengine — backed by 100k+ companies — has a focus only on offering in-depth heatmap analytics. With click heatmaps, attention heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, and support for custom events, this heatmap tool gives you all the user behavior data you need to spot areas for optimization. Ptengine also lets you process pages with similar attributes as a group (for example, product pages that use the same layout). You also get advanced filtering and segmentation features to drill down to the level of detail you need.
Who this is for: Full Story is an ideal heatmap solution for optimizers who are looking for a “more intelligent” solution that doesn’t just help them analyze and understand their user behavior across the segments and the different conversion stages, but also want to quickly spot the top optimization opportunities (Full Story suggests optimization opportunities!). Full Story also helps diagnose conversion killers like slow speed, script errors, frustrating workflows, and device-specific bugs.
This “world class eye-tracking technology at 1/100th cost” uses predictive eye tracking to give you instant feedback on any visuals you use in your conversion funnel. These could be your landing pages, ads, banners and even packaging designs!
An obvious benefit of such a tool is that you can use it on your website or on your clients’ websites without having to worry about slowing anything down or “breaking anything!” Just upload the image or its URL and get the insights you need within seconds. Price: RealEye’s plans start at /mo giving you access to unlimited studies involving 100 testers of your own with 10 RealEye testers per month.
Price: Heatmap’s free plan supports 1M page views a month and up to 5 heatmaps. Its paid plans start at 0 and support 100M page views monthly.
Full story is one of the most advanced heat map solutions out there. Actually, more than a heatmap tool, it’s a complete user digital experience analytics solution that shows you everything you need to know to help your users get “unstuck” and convert better, across the different segments and funnel stages. Packed with features like heatmaps, session replays, reporting of frustration signals (error, dead, or rage clicks) and more, Full Story also offers a co-browsing functionality where your chat support agents can see and engage with users in real-time, enabling quick resolution or assistance.
Error reporting is another handy feature of this heatmap tool. With its error reporting feature, SessionCam tells you exactly how many times/sessions your users encounter (HTML,validation, form, and JS) errors on your website. SessionCam also uses machine learning to estimate the lost revenue from such errors, thereby helping you prioritize your optimization efforts
Compliance with the GDPR: RealEye is fully GDPR compliant according to their website. Compliance with the GDPR: Smartlook is GDPR compliant according to their website.
Who this is for: Heatmap is for optimizers who aren’t looking for an X-tools-in-1 kind of heatmap solution. It’s for optimizers who want some no-nonsense heatmap analysis at scale.
Price: Ptengine offers a free plan that supports two heatmaps and 10,000 monthly page views. Contact the team to learn about its paid plans.
How it works: Add Mouseflow’s JS tracking code to your website and you should be good.
Who this is for: Decibel Insights is for optimizers who want to explore the power that machine learning brings to the heatmapping technology (and user behavior analytics, in general) to spot optimization opportunities quickly. RealEye actually uses real eyes (yes, real testers) to “test your concepts in 3 simple steps.”
How it works: You need to add Reactflow’s tracking code (a single line) to your website and you should be set.
Who this is for: SeeVolution is a great heatmap solution that excels at “heatmapping.” You also get more features like form, link, and image analysis, session recordings, and filtering capabilities to slice and dice your data.
Who this is for: This heat-mapping and analytics tool is for anyone who wants to analyze their current designs and understand its flaws. And also to test the variants built based on the hypothesis to see how they compare with the original even before testing. A proud EyeQuant user Canon calls EyeQuant “a spell check, but for designs.” Just like Feng-GUI, you could EyeQuant too to dig into how your competitors’ design and UI helps with their conversions. Who this is for: Obviously for the more savvy optimizers. A happy RealEye users shares how it helped them discover findings they “couldn’t have discovered with recordings or heatmaps.”  The USP of this heatmap solution is that its eye testing testers are based in their natural environments and not in labs, so the risk of “a laboratory setting corrupting the results” gets negated. The tool recommends using 20 testers for each design as it has found that 15-18 testers can discover design issues correctly.
How it works: Copy the SeeVolution tracking script into your website and that should be it.
How it works: Just add Hotjar’s tracking code to your website and you should be good.
Compliance with the GDPR: Lucky Orange is GDPR compliant according to their website.
Price: You’ll have to contact sales to get a quote as the pricing information isn’t available on the website. Who this is for: Smartlook is great for optimizers who need a behavior analytics solution with a focus on heatmaps and one that records events and maps them to the users’ buying journeys, without any other distracting features.
With detailed eye-tracking heatmaps (based on mouse movements), click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, and visitor recordings, Inspectlet helps you “stop guessing what your visitors want.” Along with its different heatmaps, you also get advanced filtering features that help you view the behavior of some very specific segments from your traffic (for example, sessions from new visitors from a certain source like an AdWords campaign or an email). In addition to these, funnel and form analytics are also available (in the higher plans).
Okay so this one is a totally DIY heatmap solution. It’s open source, so you can download it and configure it on your website. ClickHeat creates a very basic click heatmap that shows you your users’ click behavior. The click heatmap data can be filtered based on the visitors’ browsers and screen sizes. It’s a lightweight solution and won’t affect your website’s speed. Check out this open source heatmap solution in action here (user name – demo; password – demo).
Who this is for: Inspectlet is a proven heatmap tool. And it’s a great option for any optimizer who’s looking to understand how the different segments of traffic on their website interact with it. This tool, too, has added A/B testing to its mix. But, again, using it for the same might need more investigation as it’s primarily a user behavior analytics tool. Price: Looks like EyeQuant isn’t available in flat monthly plans. But you can contact the team to get a customized quote (based on its features you intend on using).
* If you’re looking for that free Hotjar alternative, this might just be it.
Powering the analytics for more than 8M websites, Yandex.Metrica is one of the top three leading web analytics solutions in the world. With rich heatmaps, session replays, scrollmaps and form analytics, its user behavior analytics powers give you a complete picture of how your website’s visitors behave on your website. Also, its advanced segmentation and filtering options let you quickly spot your top conversion bottlenecks.
SessionCam is another power-packed heatmap tool that comes with funnel and form analytics, journey mapping, struggle and anomaly detection, and session replays along with heatmaps. It also measures customer struggle within the customer journey data it records and recommends certain sessions optimizers should watch first.
Price: Hotjar’s premium plans start at a /mo plan with the plan supporting 10,000 pageviews/day. It also has a free plan with limited reports that supports processing 2,000 pageviews/day. Predictive heat mapping is fast becoming commercial and will be another boost of AI-powered convenience for optimizers who would like artificial intelligence to “do the talking” about the conversion potential of site elements.

Price: SeeVolution’s plans start at /year. Its most basic plan offers all its heatmap analytics features and supports 25,000 visits monthly.
Price: Mouseflow’s plans start at 29€/mo and offer support for 10,000 pageviews/month (2,500 sessions/month) with a 3-month data retention policy.
Compliance with the GDPR: Looks like Ptengine is working toward achieving GDPR compliance.
Who this is for: As a heatmap tool, Crazy Egg is a go-to option. It might not come with the bells and whistles like some of the other heatmap tools do on this list, but it is one of the pioneering heatmap solution providers. Crazy Egg has also recently added support for A/B tests, but using it for the same might need more investigation as testing is complex and this isn’t a testing-first solution.
Price: You can request a customized quote by reaching out to the sales team. From identifying areas for optimizing in your funnels to collecting qualitative feedback with surveys and polls, Hotjar is a powerful multi-purpose analytics tool for optimizers.
Who this is for: Quantum Metric is for savvy optimizers who want to leverage machine learning that uses data about “clicks, scrolls, data entry, form fills, hits, session behavior, anomaly detection, and more” to review sessions of interest and test rapidly based on the tool’s prioritization capabilities.
This heatmap tool comes with the augmented reality twist. Just open your website and your Heatmap’s heatmap data will be there right before your eyes. Heatmap doesn’t just capture your users interaction with your website’s static elements but also with the interactive ones like optin boxes. 
Who this is for: Lucky Orange is a great tool for any optimizer who wants who wants to get some very accurate heatmap data. Its dynamic heatmap feature (in contrast to the static heatmaps most tools offer) helps you understand your users’ behavior around the dynamic elements of your pages. Morgan VanDerLeest from IMPACT explains this features really well: “For example, if there are a high number of clicks about 40% of the way down the page, can you tell if those are actually for the page or because of your subscriber pop-up? With an image, there’s no good way to know.
Compliance with the GDPR: Heatmap is GDPR compliant according to their website. Price: FullStory offers an “essential, empathy-evoking engine in a size that’s perfect for individuals and prototypes” free version with paid plans starting at  9/mo.
How it works: To report on designs, EyeQuant uses its data collected from large-scale real eye-tracking studies conducted with thousands of subjects (from both its associated eye-tracking labs and also via crowdsourced online panels).
Who this is for: Optimizers who are looking for a straightforward heatmap solution.
Decibel Insights is an intelligent user behavior analytics solution powered by machine learning that lets you visualize and process behavior data at scale to identify areas for optimization instantly and effortlessly. With its hybrid heatmapping feature, Decibel Insights combines click, hover, dot, and link attribution heatmaps to give you a complete picture of how your users interact with your web pages. Along with heatmaps, you also get session replays and frustration and engagement detection features.
Compliance with the GDPR: FullStory is GDPR compliant according to their website.

Wrapping it up…

Who this is for:  This heatmap tool is for any optimizer who needs rich visual qualitative within seconds. Feng-GUI also doubles up as a “pre-test” tool where you can take the design you’ve created based on your hypothesis and test it against the original version. You’ll get some invaluable insights even before you run your test. You can also use this tool to understand how your competitors’ design and UI assists their conversions.
This is another amazing heatmap analytics tool  that uses “leading neuroscience research with AI to accurately predict how people will react to digital designs.” You can use EyeQuant’s predictive analysis to get instant reporting on how your designs will impact your website’s visitors. Packed with features like clarity and emotional impact scoring and visual attention analysis, EyeQuant is a very effective heatmap tool.
How it works: This heatmap solution needs you to plug in the URL of your design into it or upload your creative and invite users with a laptop and webcam to actually look at your design. It then gives you instant feedback on where your users see and helps you identify areas of optimization. RealEye uses advanced face-tracking algorithms that detect the position of the eyes of the users as they interact with your designs.