All brands, large and small, face unique business challenges caused by loops in marketing data.
Mobius is Tinuiti’s proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation technology that empowers businesses and marketers to truly understand every data touchpoint—and what comes next. Don’t just look at a few facts and figures and hope for the best. Interpreting results based on poor data is bad for business—and your marketing dollars deserve better.
Aside from making sure the data is correct, at Tinuiti we start by understanding the business needs first and foremost. From there, our recommendations are tailored to provide the best fit for each individual business.
It is important to give enough thought to how you want to structure/organize your data as you begin implementation or as early in the process as possible so your foundation is in a good place. Data often cannot be collected in a retroactive manner, and so if you don’t set things up correctly in the first place, you may be losing out on valuable data points.

Collecting Data With Confidence

Setting data validation rules and cleaning your database regularly can help you maintain data consistency and accuracy. Data can collectively help drive your business forward, increasing your revenue and building your brand’s reputation.
Our Analytics Platform Audit consists of over 150 individual points to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and actionability of your analytics platform. The audit ranges from the front-end website and data setup to analytics admin configuration, to report outputs and everything in between.

What Is Dirty Data and How Do You Organize It?

In the following interview, we spoke with Lakshmi Ramesh, Senior Director of Data Services and Tom Clinton, Manager, Analytics Engineering at Tinuiti to find out how to organize and clean dirty data.

nii ahene

“No more hunting around platforms or dealing with inconsistencies—MobiusOS is the home where every single piece of your data lives in harmony with the next,” Ramesh says. Do you trust your data enough to drive your entire marketing strategy?

The Solution? An Analytics Platform Audit

UNIFY: MobiusOS connects, collects, and synthesizes your data in one place, with visualization, integrations, and reporting that makes your insights easy to understand and act on. Think of it as the operating system where all of your data lives. 

Managing data can prove difficult, especially if you don’t have a dedicated, in-house IT department. At Tinuiti, we collect data from  Bing, Facebook, Google, and TikTok (just to name a few). We use a combination of tools, including frameworks we have built in-house to collect data and have the ability to pipe data in from 500+ platforms.
Dirty data consists of inaccurate, inconsistent or unactionable data within analytics platforms. 

Here’s how it works:

“Today’s most successful ecommerce and digital marketers thrive because of their ability to gather, analyze, and act on their data. Too many marketers struggle with incomplete, dirty, or poorly organized analytics, hindering their ability to build an accurate and effective growth plan,” Ramesh says.
“At Tinuiti, we run a thorough audit of a brand’s Google or Adobe Analytics platform to inform where improvements can and should be made. This provides assurance that you’re pulling in the right data needed to run and grow your business. We can work with any analytics platform or data source,” Ramesh says.

It starts with MobiusOS, the foundational cloud-based data platform on which all of our marketing intelligence solutions are built. MobiusOS helps ingest and synthesize all of your data at scale to power unified, always-on marketing insights with over 500 plug-and-play platform integrations and reporting that comes standard. 

You can think of MobiusOS as the operating system where all of your data lives.
mobius os core integrations
Our team of data experts work with brands to bring key business and marketing performance data into MobiusOS to provide comprehensive visualization dashboards and automated insights tailored to your own needs and specifications. 

Technology That Closes the Loop on Your Marketing Performance

What’s more, MobiusOS can even work with platforms that aren’t on our native list of integration. For example, our team can help connect MobiusOS with Braze or your internal data, no matter where it’s housed.
Tom Clinton, Manager, Analytics Engineering at Tinuiti
tom clinton
Within Google and Adobe analytics, Tinuiti ensures that administrative settings are aligned properly to bucket channel groupings correctly, attribution settings and platform linking is set up, and much more. Tinuiti’s Analytics Platform Audit takes your decision making and data confidence to the next level.
Consistency and transparency matter when it comes to data (especially big data). The volume of data you collect can quickly lead to chaos, especially if you don’t organize it efficiently. Worse, you might discover that you’ve collected incorrect or what is referred to as “dirty data”, which can completely derail your efforts and botch your analyses.
That’s why Mobius unites every single data touchpoint in one place, with three distinct products that help unify, optimize, and activate your performance marketing data unlike any other platform on the market:
OPTIMIZE: Mobius Apps work within MobiusOS to provide targeted analytics products that allow us to enhance and customize the way your data is analyzed to uncover growth opportunities with cutting-edge insights. We can even create bespoke apps, just for you.
“Common examples include site tagging issues that contribute to inaccurate bounce rates, even sending through sensitive personally identifiable information in cases. Eliminating these not only ensures compliance with privacy laws and terms of use but also contributes to the overall usability and actionability of your data.”

ACTIVATE: MobiusX is our powerful AI-enabled eCommerce activation tool set that uses product data as the foundation on which your media, bid, and feed strategies are optimized across campaigns for maxim profitability.

Nii Ahene, Chief Strategy Officer at Tinuiti
“Tinuiti’s technology, particularly in marketplaces, has always been one of the agency’s best-kept secrets. We’ve been working on this tool for Amazon since 2014 and building off the learnings. As new marketplaces come online, we’re able to innovate quickly to bring clients access and success on these platforms.” Want to learn more about Mobius? Check out our recent announcement.

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