When it comes to thank you pages, the more concise the better. A few sentences should do the trick. If you have more information to relay, you should have a follow up method in place beyond your thank you page.

thank you page best practices we used in our evaluation:

Keep it short and sweet

This thank you page example by Grimont Wines is for completed purchases.
This RoboForm thank you page example is for signing up to use its free product.

keep them engaged. Add in a second call to action, such as to:
  • Share on social
  • Join a referral program
  • Claim a discount
  • Leave a review
  • Download a guide or case study
  • Book a demo or consult

Also, there should be a prominent heading on the page clearly confirming that the user has successfully completed the action.
Now that you know how to tell a good thank you page example from a bad one, let us know in the comments which thank you page you think is best!

266%. So don’t lose sight of the purpose of your thank you page. Treat it like a landing page and test out different variants until you know what truly works.

…but keep it eye-catching

For example, our content download thank you pages have a clear green button to get the guide and then a clear next step to try our free Google Ads Grader tool.

brand consistency, be sure that your thank you page copy and visuals match up with your style guide. This means including similar colors, logos, as well as voice and text styling as your website or other company materials.

Actually say thank you…

The worst feeling is when you think your work is complete, but it’s really just begun. You spent all this time prepping an email or building out an ad only to find out that, yes it’s working fine, but it’s missing something…

Personalized CTAs convert 202% better than normal CTAs. This means you should segment your thank you page offers to match your various audience personas for better results. You could also use automation to get the page to contain the first name they provided in the form.
Asking customers for a review is a great idea for a next step, since reviews are crucial for local SEO, but Kuat gives several different options and doesn’t link to them, so there is almost zero chance the user will take this action.
  • Creativity: 4
    The page is on-brand and uses a creative and eye-catching image, but the copy is slightly bland.
  • Level of appreciation: 4
    Kuat says thanks in the body text, but could replace the “PRODUCT REGISTRATION” heading with “Thanks for registering your product!” But it does express appreciation for its customers’ support in the bold text.
  • 2. Kickresume

    Between the personalization, purpose, and pretty design, this thank you page is hitting (mostly) all the marks!

    Image source

    Our thank you page score: 12

    • Organization: 5
      This is the perfect example of a sweet and simple thank you page. “Your book is on the way!” confirms the action taken and adds a level of excitement. However, calling it a “book” could confuse viewers, since this is for an ebook, and it could have mentioned when and where users can expect it.
    • Next steps: 4
      The next step—to share the ebook on social—is clear and the buttons to share are put right below for ease of access.
    • Creativity: 3
      The call-to-action phrase is creative, and encouraging users to help their friends get a dream job is a clever way of marketing with emotion. Otherwise the page is blank and bland.
    • Level of appreciation: 0
      Kickresume forgot to thank its customers! It could have said something like “Thanks for letting us help you!” or “Thanks for downloading the ebook!”

    3. SimplyMeasured

    The name Stamp’s post-purchase thank you page is a two-in-one combo with its note of appreciation and secret offer.

    Image source

    Our thank you page score: 15

    • Organization: 5
      This page confirms that the user has completed the required action and tells them how to obtain the guide without any fluff. And kudos to them for calling out a potential customer pain point when receiving their guide and how to resolve it if needed.
    • Next steps: 2
      By keeping the navigation bar, SimplyMeasured offers another CTA at the top (to request a demo), but could have pointed to it a bit more clearly.
    • Creativity: 3. The visual of its dashboards is eye-catching without being distracting, and brand consistency is clear here, but the copy doesn’t feel super friendly or compelling.
    • Level of appreciation: 5
      Saying thank you twice never hurts!

    4. Content Marketing Institute

    Educators for Excellence wraps up our thank you page example roundup with a page made for event registrants.

    Image source

     Our thank you page score: 14

    • Clarity: 5
      Am I surprised that a content marketing brand thank you page embodied crystal clear copywriting? Not in the slightest. CMI makes its thank you clear with a black, bolded headline and then provides the link to download the course with “as promised” right after it. It also reinforces what, exactly, the user just downloaded with multiple mentions of the course name.
    • Next steps: 1
      People love to follow trends, so the suggestions of other popular content is a nice touch. However, there are three options to download, plus an event registration CTA, and each offer is the same color and size as the CTA to download the intended course. And then there are the options in the navigation bar. So while the copy is cohesive and it flows nicely, there is too much of it for a thank you page and users could struggle to pick where to go next.
    • Creativity: 3
      CMI’s clean graphics here take the cake. The simple imagery to go along with the selected course gives a customized feel and the page stays on-brand. But as mentioned, the page is busy and overwhelming.
    • Level of appreciation: 5
      Bold, black, and exclamation point—no complaints here!

    5. Wrike

    Online productivity tool Wrike displays this colorful thank you page after an ebook download.

    Image source

    Our thank you page score: 11

    • Clarity: 4
      While the user hasn’t quite completed all of the required actions, the page could still use a heading that confirms completion of the first step.
    • Next steps: 4
      The next step here—to confirm your subscription—is clear. And Backlinko is one step ahead of its customers with the reminder to check their spam folder. However, the screenshot of the call to action button in the email it is referring to could lead users to think that this is the button to click and is broken. And why so many steps to confirm, Backlinko? I know it’s the usual “go to your email to confirm,” but spelling out the steps like this makes it seem like a chore.
    • Creativity: 3
      SEO can be daunting to some, so Backlinko’s mention of “link building strategies” and “SEO tips” drives home the value of the newsletter and encourages the user to confirm their subscription. But while the content is strong and conversational, the page is visually lackluster and unappealing.
    • Level of appreciation: 0
      This is a multi-step process, and Backlinko hasn’t yet thanked its user for subscribing. Instead, it comes right out of the gate with an urgent and stern-sounding message.

    7. Grimont Wines

    These are great opportunities to push your customers further down the funnel. Whichever one you choose, make those next steps clear so you can get a conversion boost and open the doors for further interaction.

    Image source

    Our thank you page score: 17

    • Organization: 5
      No complaints here! The confirmation is clear and the copy is organized and concise.
    • Next steps: 3
      Grimont Wines incentivize users to make another purchase with a 20% discount offer, and the countdown to when this offer expires adds urgency. However, it could have made this offer more prominent with bigger text and a link back to its shopping page, and the social share buttons on the bottom could distract users away from taking the primary action.
    • Creativity: 4
      The thank you page design matches that of the bottle which is aesthetically pleasing and draws the eye into the thank you text. And the live countdown portion adds a level of fun and excitement. However, the super-light text style is hard to read.
    • Level of appreciation: 5
      I love how the thank you is highlighted in the middle of the thank you page for an added punch of appreciation.

    8. The Name Stamp

    While you don’t want to confuse your viewers, you still want to catch their attention. But with landing pages, you only have about eight seconds to make an impression, and this number could be even less for thank you pages. Plus, people are 80% more likely to read content if it’s combined with bold, attention-grabbing imagery. So be sure to have at least one eye-catching element to grab attention in a pinch.

    Image source

    Our thank you page score: 15

    This SimplyMeasured thank you page example is for a free reporting guide download.

    • Clarity: 5
      Hubspot provides clear confirmation that the user has completed the action and how to get the ebook. They also bullet out the ebook’s highlights to pack a value punch.
    • Next steps: 5
      Hubspot is a household name for all things conversion optimization, so it’s no surprise this thank you page example is a top contender. Including the two action options next to one another makes it easy for viewers to quickly understand their options—but the bright and contrasting “Download” button color adds an attractive pop and keeps the visitor focused on the primary action Hubspot wants them to take.
    • Creativity: 4
      The visualization of the ebook and brand consistency gives Hubspot’s thank you page some flair. However, what really sells on this thank you page is the insertion of the user’s name to add a personal touch.
    • Level of appreciation: 1
      At this point, a thank you would be necessary because this person has already input their valuable information. However, the personalized name insertion can still make the customer feel appreciated.

    10. RoboForm

    Content Marketing Institute had this thank you page  for folks who signed up to download specific courses.

    Image source

    Our thank you page score: 10

    • Clarity: 1
      The copy is brief, but the heading only indirectly confirms that the user has signed up. Plus, what did they sign up for? Why should they be glad they did?
    • Next steps: 1
      The action Roboform wants you to take is super clear: to join their referral program. However, since there isn’t consistency in capitalization between the two headings, it’s not clear that you’ll be getting one of their paid products, Roboform Everywhere, for free. Rather it sounds like by referring customers, you’ll be doing them a favor and getting Roboform everywhere.
    • Creativity: 5
      Roboform’s creative elements stay consistent with its brand and compliment its adorable robot mascot nicely. And instead of a standard “thank you” it offers a compliment to butter up its customers—which helps them stand out.
    • Level of appreciation: 3
      This is not a standard thank you, but Roboform still gets points for still making users feel appreciated in a different way.

    11. Educators for Excellence

    Most importantly, keep your thank you page simple and engaging so your brand’s personality and creativity shines through.

    trigger emails to send a follow up to your leads and customers post-action.
  • Think about what you can add to your thank you page as “icing on the cake,” like a discount code, downloadable coupon, or any other sales promotion.
  • Treat your thank you page as you would a landing page! That means constantly testing out different variants until you know what truly works.
  • While it’s great to get bonus engagement activity from your thank you page, don’t lose sight of the point behind it: to thank your customers! 91% of consumers say they’re more likely to do business with companies that appreciate their customers. One of the easiest ways for your business to do just that is by simply saying thank you.
    This Kickresume thank you page example confirms an ebook send.

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