Cash-strapped businesses have relied more on organic search optimisation for visibility as advertising budgets have been pulled, which has lent a new prominence to the role and skills of the SEO. Add to that the announcement and impending rollout of Google’s new ‘Page Experience’ update that will take various user experience signals into account, and search marketers look to have their work cut out for them as we move into 2021.
What do our expert contacts in search marketing and SEO see on the horizon for 2021? Here are their predictions for the near future of search.
2020 has been an eventful year for SEO practitioners, PPC specialists and anyone working in the field of search marketing.  
And if you want to hear more on 2021 trends, join us on January 26th at 3pm GMT as Econsultancy founder Ashley Friedlein will reveal his digital and marketing trends for the year. Register here.

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  • UX and SEO: An ever-closer union
  • The evolving role of SEO
  • SEO and retail
  • Using search data for success
  • A new competitor in the search arena?
With so much of our lives, particularly in the realm of commerce, abruptly shifting online, search volume has proliferated and become a crucial window into evolving consumer preferences, needs and habits. Google has made new search marketing tools available for free to aid businesses, and in a major move, turned Google Shopping into a free-to-list environment, beginning with the United States and rolling out to the rest of the world as the year progressed.

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