What is Tubi Advertising?

While the platform is relatively new, it’s growing fast:
Tubi is an ad-supported video on demand (VOD) service with over 30,000 movies and TV shows and 100+ local and live news channels. Acquired by Fox for 0M in March 2020, Tubi is now a division of Fox Entertainment. 
Tubi offers an excellent opportunity for advertisers to create a positive brand experience, drive brand lift, and boost ROI. One CPG brand saw a 41% lift in ad awareness from a Tubi campaign, with purchase consideration among lapsed customers increasing by 47%.  Tubi ads are all non-skippable, giving brands 100% share of attention with “98%+ Viewability as verified by MOAT.” Tubi also features a light ad load, with ads taking up only four to six minutes per hour of viewing, occurring every 12-15 minutes at three to five ads per pod. According to Tubi, this gives advertisers higher brand recognition and recall. 
To get started with Tubi advertising via Fox Ad Solutions, fill out a contact form on the Tubi website by clicking “Get Started Today.”

What is Tubi?

One of the most unique parts of advertising on Tubi is the platform’s proprietary Advanced Frequency Management (AFM). AFM allows marketers to better manage ad frequency, so they can reach more viewers and maximize their ROI from Tubi campaigns. Early tests of the AFM solution indicate a 366% reduction in over-frequency and a significant increase in reach. 
In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about advertising on Tubi as the platform — and CTV as a whole — continues to grow. 
Tubi is one of the leading ad-supported streaming services that give brands the opportunity to get in front of millions of consumers who can’t be reached through traditional TV advertising. 
More consumers than ever are cutting the cord and switching to streaming.
Tubi’s content library is available to stream on 25+ platforms and devices including Roku, Xbox, Playstation, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, as well as apps for iOS, Android, and the web. The service is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.
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  • With a vast, data-driven library of more than 30,000 titles and live news content, Tubi registered a record-setting Total View Time (TVT) of 798 million hours during the first quarter this year, up +54% year-over-year, and a platform-best 276 million hours of TVT in March. In 2020 alone, more than 2.5 billion hours of content were streamed on Tubi.

Tubi describes its users as young, unique, diverse, and unattainable elsewhere. The average Tubi streamer is 37 years old, and 42% of users identify as multicultural. 69% of Tubi users live in households that do not subscribe to Cable TV., though 82% of users watch Tubi on their TV screens. 

Who are Tubi streamers?

Tubi’s ad sales are also taking off. analysts predict that Tubi will reach B in ad sales for Fox by 2023.

Advertising on Tubi

Brands are following the cord-cutters, too, with connected TV (CTV) video ad spend predicted to increase by 49.5% this year to .51 billion. 66% of brands plan to increase their streaming ad budgets in the next six months, and one in five brands will devote a quarter of their entire video budget to streaming TV. 
Tubi offers multiple ad formats including in-stream and in-app placements.. Ads can range from six-second billboards to 90-second ad spots. 
The number of Americans who watch television via cable or satellite has plummeted from 76% in 2015 to 56% in 2021. Among viewers aged 18-24, 87% choose to access TV content through the internet. And over 65% of cord-cutters want free or reduced cost ad-supported services — like Tubi.

Types of ads on Tubi

Because Tubi is an ad-supported streaming platform, the service is free to all users, and there is no ad-free option. This makes it a compelling opportunity for advertisers. According to Fox, “Tubi is where unmatched content meets best-in-class innovation, offering advertisers a new way to break through to massive, young, diverse, incremental, and unduplicated audiences you can’t find anywhere else.”

How to buy advertising on Tubi

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