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Tips for Making the Most of Live Shopping Events

You wanted to buy it at some point during the demo, didn’t you? Live shopping unto itself is not a new concept, but it has been making headlines—and shifting US retailers’ strategies—perhaps more than ever

Why & How to Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos (+Pro Tips)

YouTube hashtags are words or phrases added to video titles or descriptions to denote the video’s category or topic. Just like Instagram hashtags, they are preceded by a hash (#) symbol, which makes them clickable.

Fed-up Toy Company Responds to Knock-offs

Another way our business makes money is by handling photo copyrights. People don’t know this, but if you take a photo and register its copyright, and then someone else comes in and uses that photo,

Podcast Advertising Basics for Ecommerce Brands

Measure website traffic. Listeners who hear an ad in a podcast may note the brand and then search Google for it or type the brand’s URL directly into a web browser. Finally, while well-known podcasters

How Keyword Clustering Powers SEO

Keyword clustering is not new. It’s a technique for grouping keywords by a common modifier, a word or phrase that extends the seed term. There’s no single strategy for using keyword clusters in search engine

Katy Lindemann on CX transformation: employees are central characters, not supporting cast

Katy Lindemann, Principal Consultant, Grey Consulting, speaking at Econsultancy Live: CX 2022 last month. Image: ASV Photography “But when we think about employees within that context of culture, i.e., the job of the employees, we

2022 Search Advertising Benchmarks for Every Industry (New Data!)

And this is especially important to know with Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other forms of search advertising. As one of the most effective paid media channels, it’s also one of the most competitive, so

Charts: State of AI in Q1 2022

The regional AI deal share remained level with previous quarters in Q1 2022. Statista surveyed organizations worldwide in late 2021 on their use of data and artificial intelligence. The ensuing report, “State of big data/AI

Ecommerce Product Releases: May 17, 2022

Paloma launches checkout tool for Instagram DMs. Paloma launched the first checkout for Instagram DMs, becoming a DM-commerce platform. Instead of manually collecting customer information or building a website, creators can now use Paloma to