I also like the button copy of “Yes! It takes a village.”

skip to the full, text-only list, I’ll understand.

In the name of being forthright, let’s start with the blunt examples.

Some key takeaways from these call to action phrases & examples

“Wow, we were sure you’d want this…

  • Experiment with parenthesis to make a particular word stand out or to sound relatable.
  • Write like you or your audience would speak.
  • Try being super blunt or so obviously rude in a way that makes it playful.
  • Check out puns, rhymes, or plays on words (there’s a way to do it without being cheesy!).
  • Use the call to no action to encourage the yes or to reinforce the value of the offer.
  • Make your “boring” calls to action super-specific—they’ll be more compelling than you’d think.
  • Call readers to take a small step rather than a big leap.
  • Try out speedy words like “grab.”

This display ad by Fiver is simple.

Blunt call to action phrase examples

“Need SEO and got no clue where to start? Hire an expert.”

1. No nonsense. Just really good marketing insights

Brafton’s approach here is plain and simple. No fancy words, super easy to read. This popup for no nonsense content uses no nonsense copy. Success.

compelling copywriting. Try out using call to action phrases that take the words right out of your readers’ heads (or mouths).

3. No, I get enough unwanted parenting advice

Another bold approach, this time by Sleeknote.
And as promised, here’s the full list:
Calls to action are the keys to conversion (that feels like a proverb or something), but they don’t exist in a vacuum. For any [quality] piece of content you see online, you’ll never just see a CTA button on an island with no context. Either the button or link itself has clear copy, or the content around it gives the proper context.
“No, I get enough unwanted parenting advice.”
There’s nothing wrong with “book now” or “schedule now,” but what does that mean? If you click on it, are you submitting your contact information and then someone will be reaching out to you within 24 hours? Will you be given a number or email address to contact in order to schedule it?

email copywriting guide. It reads:

“Don’t have time to read the whole guide right now? No worries. Let me send you a copy so you can read it when it’s convenient for you. Just let me know where to send it (takes 5 seconds).”

conversion rates are low, your offer might be too bottom-funnel for the audience of this piece of content. You may want to change the offer to something of a lower commitment. Or try adding an alternative option with a second, less prominent but “safer” call to action phrase like OptinMonster does. 
pain point marketing.

I love this one. If you don’t know what a DSP is, this is precisely why you should sign up for DigiDay’s newsletter.

data on a keyword, you’ll see “(not provided)”. It’s v. frustrating. Keyword Hero uses jargon in their call to action phrase, which will attract only its qualified users would understand. 
conversion-boosting pop-up.

8. Got no clue where to start?

But the “no” copy here is what makes you want to click on the CTA button above it:
Another option would be to have the call to action button say “End the struggle now.”

market with emotion—just make sure it’s on-brand.

9. Convince people you know what a DSP is

You could leave it at that (You should know better.) or try out a little relief in the end (You should know better…we never charge full price!).

copywriting tip.

To close off, I’m sharing the list of the examples we covered above so you can see them all at once, with a few additional phrases to try out.

great call to action button or phrase.

13. See for yourself

It’s fun, rolls off the tongue, but it also kind of has a different feel to it. Like they’re giving me the power to reject them. But they don’t really care if I do.

Pain point targeting taken to the next level.

15. Wow, we were sure you’d want this

NOTE: I’m abandoning proper grammar and doing away with hyphens altogether in this post and I don’t care who knows it.
Because you look like someone who likes to stay one step ahead of the competition.”
“Check availability” tells me that I can reserve a spot online (convenient), and without actually having to interact with anyone just yet.

scaring users away with CTA button text, make things more simple. In the example below, instead of asking the user to start the entire course, this CTA invites the user to just start with the first lesson, which feels much easier.
popup clean and attractive.
free assessment, consultation, or audit.

Before you get wrapped up in the fun, here are some of the key takeaways to pay attention to in the list. 
Nothing revolutionary here. A solid show of confidence with a bold touch.

call to action example is that it adds a touch of actionability as well as convenience. Instead of asking me to “Submit,” it’s asking me to “Start using Slidebean,” which could make a difference! It also implies I’ll be able to get started right away.
call to action button. Parentheses are powerful in copywriting, and this simple addition makes “Free” pretty front and center if you ask me.
creative call to action example for newsletter signup.  The “no” is used to describe the value of the core value (free insights) of the newsletter—and a reminder that you’re a fool to pass up something free.
creative newsletter and for their additional reading, their button for “read more” says “click it or crickets.”

So let’s take a look at these effective call to action phrases that we can learn from and laugh at.

April marketing ideas post! 

28. Add to diaper bag

First off, this popup has that blunt approach:

popup. “Free membership” is referring to their daily, weekly, and other newsletters so that’s confusing. BUT I do like the switch-up to “Get inspired” instead of “Sign up” or “Subscribe.”
how to write copy that sells. “Improve your writing” has more action and conveys more value than “Start now” or “Get started today.”
excellent use of psychology in copywriting), the button copy at the end reassures them that clicking on it doesn’t send anything to anyone.
brand voice.
call to action phrases and examples: past casts trader joes

Use these call to action phrases for clicks, conversions, and creativity

And that’s it! Use these call to action phrases so you can get more clicks and conversions in a clever way that your audience will appreciate.

good on you meme

“Our newsletters are basically parenting cheat sheets, delivered to your inbox four times a week.”

The best call to action phrases to get the click [full list]

“Add to diaper bag” is not the most versatile call to action phrase in the world, but it does spark ideas for fun alternatives to “add to cart.”

Subtle but smart call to action phrases

  • More info and register here
  • Get the deets and sign up
  • Check availability
  • Schedule your assessement
  • Get your first lesson now
  • Start the first lesson today
  • Complete your (free) registration
  • Try the (always free) tool
  • I have a few questions first!

Bold call to action phrases

  • See for yourself
  • Escape content marketing hell
  • You should know better
  • Prove yourself
  • Don’t believe us?
  • What do you have to lose?
  • Don’t take our word for it

Reverse psychology call to action phrases

  • No thanks, I love being exhausted
  • No thanks, I’ll figure it out myself
  • I don’t want to know the latest trends
  • I don’t want to grow my business

Relatable and funny call to action phrases

  • The struggle is over
  • End the struggle now
  • (takes 5 seconds)
  • Well this is awkward
  • Unlock (not provided)
  • Got no clue where to start?
  • Funny call to action phrases
  • Cat gifs on every page
  • Add to diaper bag
  • Let’s never split

Blunt call to action phrases

  • If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here.
  • No nonsense. Just really good marketing insights
  • No thanks, I get enough unwanted parenting advice.

Different call to action phrases

  • Get inspired
  • Get invite link
  • Grab your copy
  • Ok, let’s do this
  • Get access

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