The need to connect with customers on their terms is greater than ever. Missed opportunities to engage effectively directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Your website needs to be a key engagement hub, inviting customers to take action no matter where they are in their journey with your company, including the capability for frictionless transactions.
To capture that massive growth opportunity, it’s time to reimagine commerce. In this webinar we’ll:
Join this session, with Avanade’s Timur Asar and customer Michael Jacobi with Siemens Healthineers, to learn about the trends shaping digital experience for B2B organizations, and why more than a third of top-performing manufacturing companies believe they will generate at least 50% of their sales through digital platforms within two years.

  • Discuss the role of B2B Commerce in today’s digital first and customer-centric world.
  • Discuss how B2B growth prediction for digital channels has to be met with an improved experienced, better commerce, and a solid data foundation.
  • Review how to enable business growth on your digital channels, and where to start if you are at the beginning of that journey or have faced obstacles and complexities.
  • Touch on steps to focus on and tips for creating a roadmap and business case.
  • Discover how harnessing the power of digital commerce gives businesses more control over their brand promise, more visibility into their sales performance, and more opportunities to create growth across marketplaces and channels.

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