11 Creative [Copy & Paste!] Holiday Customer Appreciation Messages to Send This Year

Try out something like this if you’re a solopreneur.

It is through your feedback that we find new ways to help seniors stay active each year.
  • DO NOT sneak in your selling proposition
    We renew our commitment to you to provide the lowest-priced photography packages in the New England area.
  • Future focus

    • DO speak to an ongoing relationship
      We look forward to another great year together! Until then, enjoy your holiday season.
    • DO NOT include a CTA or sales promotion
      We look forward to another great year together. Book your January appointment now!
    words and phrases you can use that the other gajillion businesses out there aren’t using.

    Delete “valued customer” right now

    StudioName is rooted in relationships, health, and growth and you are the ones who bring it to life. Every day I am blessed with the new energy, new perspectives, and new friends you bring to our studio each day.

    • Dear customers
    • To our awesome customers
    • To our customers near and far, old and new
    • To all of you
    • To each and every one of you
    • To the Baker & Co. family
    • To the SparkLife community
    • To you and your families
    • Dear customers, partners, and your families
    • Friends
    • First name (if you have a small list and can MANUALLY do it).

    Nix “exciting year”

    Take THIS opportunity to  remove yourselves from the mileu by using phrases like:
    We count you among our friends and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication to your health and in creating your healthy home and life. It means more to us than you know, so thank you!

    • Lively
    • Rewarding
    • Exhilarating
    • Electrifying
    • Wild
    • Zestful
    • Refreshing
    • Bustling
    • Bright
    • Spirited
    • Rousing
    • Rigorous

    I know by this point everyone is nestled in and hopefully enjoying friends, families, and holiday cheer! Yet I didn’t’ want this season to go by without an official Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

    “As we approach…” <–end it

    You now have all the words, phrases, tips, and templates you need to send an authentic holiday email message to your customers. You have no excuses!

    • Every year, I/we
    • If you’re like us, you are…
    • As the saying goes…
    • One of my favorite quotes is
    • Ask a question
    • Whether this email finds you ___ing, ____ing, or ___ing, we hope it finds you well!
    • As I sit here listening to [unique/meaningful/inclusive song name]
    • Exactly 11 months ago, we were…..
    • When we started out this year we _____. Little did we know…
    • Here at ___ we believe in ____, so…
    • One of our core values here at ____ is ____.
    • As I write this email, I’m watching the snow falling outside my window for the first time this year.
    • As it turns out…

    Do not “take this opportunity to…”

    Here are a few real holiday customer appreciation email examples with non-generic intro sentences and attractive design.

    • Words can’t describe our…
    • We’re reaching out to say…
    • We want you to know that…
    • We extend our deepest…
    • It is with pride and joy that we…

    Thank you for your support [yawn]

    To our customers:
    Thanks for turning up, reading our emails, joining the conversation, sharing the love on social – you’ve made all of our days a little brighter this year.

    • how much you’ve [taught us, inspired us, encouraged us, etc..]
    • choosing us as your ____ provider
    • giving us a reason to come into work each day
    • showing up to our events
    • your reviews, social shares, votes
    • positive vibes, enthusiasm
    • trusting us with your ____
    • using ____ for your ____ needs.
    • confidence and loyalty to _____

    Holiday customer thank you message templates

    The GymName Team

    Template #1—achievement-focused

    Any “as we.” As we approach, enter, wind down, you know them all. How about:
    2020 has been full of challenges in the social media world and beyond, and we wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you. <3
    See you soon,
    Whether the holidays make you happy or sad, giddy or stressed, one thing we can all feel is gratitude.
    With your help, buildOn has empowered thousands of students and strengthened hundreds of communities across the globe.
    I wish all the blessings returned to you during this holiday season and the year to come. Can’t wait to grow with you in 2022!

    Template #2—fun & grateful

    “It’s been an exciting year!” And you’ve just killed the vibe by calling it such. 
    However you’re feeling this holiday season, know that we appreciate you and we can’t wait to see you next year.
    Let’s do it all again next year!
    None of this would be possible without you. THANK YOU!
    You can have a lot of fun with this one!
    To YOU!

    Template #3—from the owner

    Nothing wrong with this statement, but make it better with specifics. 
    Your patronage, your presence, your reviews and shares—all of this keeps our business alive and makes our line of work a pleasure each day.
    Without your enthusiasm and energy, we wouldn’t be where we are now.
    Wishing you joy and peace,
    As the saying goes, “Gratitude is like gravy—put it on everything!” So we pour out our thanks to you for choosing BusinessName as your PainPointSolver.

    Template #4—mission-centered

    To our valued customers,
    Stay well,
    As the end of the year draws near, we’d like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your support. Thank you for choosing us and we wish you a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!
    All of us here at BusinessName
    “With the new year comes a sense of renewal: an opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves, moving forward with positivity and purpose. Thank you for being part of the WE Movement this year—whether you’ve been with us every step of the way or have just joined, we truly appreciate having you in our community.
    With thanks,
    Thank you for playing such a pivotal role in our growth. We wish you the best this holiday season and the year to come.

    Template #5—wrap-up with thank you

    We promise 2021 is going to be bigger and better than ever – so stay tuned for more new blogs, training, and of course, exciting new Later features!

    • 32,695 orders
    • 200 blog posts
    • 84 five-star reviews
    • 5 new employees
    • 2 awards nominations
    • 1 HUGE thanks…

    To the BusinessName community,
    Office Luv nails it.
    To make your life easier, I’ve compiled some templates that incorporate the tips and words above. Check’em out.
    We are on a mission to make fitness fun and accessible to all and it is dedicated members like you who help us make this possible.
    And that is why we extend our personal thanks to you—for showing up, for trusting us with your health, for your smiling faces, and your feedback.

    Examples of holiday thank you email to customers 

    As I sit here listening to InclusiveMeaningfulSong, I am reminded of how grateful I am to have you in my circle.

    Patchwork—a poem!

    We wish you all the best this holiday season and look forward to another great year with you!

    • Big thanks
    • Lots of text but once you start, you can’t stop.
    • Visually appealing—although a face would be nice.
    Image source

    [Stay tuned]
    Thanks to your feedback, we added eight new features to ProductName this year and earned our highest rating on ReviewPlatform yet. And because of your referrals, we helped twice as many small businesses get online this year than last. And because of you, we love our jobs!
    This season, we’re thankful for your support!
    Happy Holidays Kristen!

    WE—v. versatile

    Gag. Don’t call them valued, make them FEEL valued through your messaging.

    • Positive without overdoing it
    • Conversational and inclusive messaging
    • Attractive visual, although a face would be nice
    • Sincere appreciation, could use some specifics
    Image source

    The thank you section of Later’s 2020 December newsletter is one to model after.
    So…how do you wrap up a fantastic year in X words? We figured it out:

    Office Luv—faces!

    Thank you for…

    • Actual employee faces!
    • Short and sweet
    • No “we’d like to take this opportunity to..”
    end of year thank you email to customers - office luv example


    Together, we change the world.”

    • Conversational tone, with emojis
    • Specific thank yous
    • Future-focused
    • Has a CTA, but just to Instagram profile
    Later's holiday customer appreciation email example

    It’s been a…
    None of this would be possible without all of your shares, likes, comments, and confidence in our resources. This is what keeps us eager to find new things to teach you each day.  You are the lifeblood of BusinessName and together, we’re helping more and more people find jobs they love. 
    To each and every one of you,
    The ProductName Team


    WE has some inspo in store for you.

    • First name personalization
    • Inclusive graphic and smiling face
    • Fun poem
    • Sense of community
    • Sincere thanks
    holiday customer appreciation email example

    In the U.S., tens of thousands of urban students have invested nearly 1.4 million hours of service into transforming their communities and empowering themselves. Today, 674 schools are bringing quality education and a chance out of poverty to 90,000 children and adults in the developing world.
    Dr. Lizie
    With many thanks,
    To our work out warriors,
    Not only are we excited for 2022 with you, but we also have some big goals and big ideas that we can’t wait to share. So stay tuned! But for now, enjoy the holiday season!

    It’s time to send a holiday customer email they’ll actually want to read

    The BusinessName Team

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