Some of these are general while others are highly specific, so depending on your business, your trade, or your niche, you may or may not be able to apply these to your marketing (National Embroidery Month isn’t exactly versatile, for example).

LOCALiQ’s always-updated marketing calendar.

February awareness causes

They didn’t use a photo shoot or fancy Photoshop graphics; just a simple behind-the-scenes sneak peek and a caption that closes with a question.

  • American History Month
  • American Heart Month (heart disease)
  • Bake for Family Fun Month
  • Black History Month
  • Cancer Prevention Month
  • Children’s Dental Health Month
  • Embroidery Month
  • Free and Open-Source Software Month
  • Library Lover’s Month
  • Self-Check Month
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
  • Wedding Month

February 22

February national days

Fat (mardi) Tuesday (Gras) is held on the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday every year. It’s a celebration of life before the more somber Ash Wednesday and following period of Lent. Here are some Mardi Gras marketing ideas:

  • Known: Groundhog Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day marketing ideas here), Galentine’s Day.
  • Fun: Day the Music Died Day, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, Make a Friend Day, Do A Grouch a Favor Day Comfy Day, Optimist Day.
  • Meaningful: Freedom Day, Girls and Women in Sports Day, Wear Red Day, Safer Internet Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Shut-In Visitation Day, Set a Good Example Day, Skip the Straw Day.
  • Industry-specific: Toothache Day, Dog Biscuit Day, Love Your Pet Day, Spay Day, Clean Out Your Computer Day, Caregivers Day, Lash Day, Home Warranty Day, Women Physicians Day.
  • Well alright: Public Sleeping Day

February 20

Meaningful February marketing ideas

If you’re just getting started with your Instagram marketing, start basic with something as simple as a #Febsale. In the below example, the small business Mexicali took a snapshot of their ready-to-ship orders to promote their February sale and encourage people to buy.

Heart Health Awareness Month

Held on the first Saturday of February, this is an opportunity for bakeries, ice cream shops, or restaurants to run special promotions

  • Fitness centers and gyms can partner with a local health center for heart disease awareness or screenings.
  • Host special classes focusing on cardiovascular activity.
  • Write informative blog posts about heart health and risk factors. Use this time to market your business by educating your customers on leading healthy lives.
  • Give out a free heart-healthy gift with purchases or registrations.

February 12

Black business owners, influencers, or members of your community who are helping to make history.
  • Share quotes, little-known facts, and eye-opening stats about Black History—especially those related to your industry or niche.
  • Cancer Awareness Month

    February 10

    Host an event in support of cardiovascular health and promote it on Instagram.
  • Promote your red products or give your social media profiles or homepage a red theme for the day.
  • Post an applicable picture to Instagram with an eye-opening stat.
  • giveaway on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Create a Facebook event for your sale.
  • 105 Fire February Subject Lines to Defrost Open Rates

    Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

    Below is a list of awareness causes recognized in February that can help you with cause-related marketing.
    February 9

    local social media followers know where they can celebrate the day.
  • Host a virtual ice cream for breakfast party.
  • Ask your followers to share their ice cream sundaes.
  • Mardi Gras

    February 15

    • Write a blog post with a “celebration of life” theme.
    • Promote your purple, green, and gold products.
    • Run a Mardi Gras Instagram giveaway.
    • Enter customers on that day into a drawing for a gift card or discount.
    • Offer a discount to those who wear Mardi Gras beads to your store, event, or classes. Promote the sale ahead of time with a post and encourage followers throughout the day by posting pictures of customers wearing their beads.
    review request email themed around asking your customers to be your friend.
  • Partner with a neighboring or complementary business and run a joint friends promotion.
  • Remind people of your referral program or run a one-day special where referrals result in a discount or gift.
  • 59 Fabulous February Social Media Holidays & Ideas

    February hashtag marketing ideas

    February  25


    February 8
    February  6

    February Newsletter Ideas

    #FebruaryFeels for a testimonial

    February 5

    tools, products, or resources related to your audience’s goals and needs.
    product you’re promoting is February-themed or not, you can make it so by using the hashtag #Februaryfeature. Pick something you’d like to promote in February and see if #Februaryfeature can help increase sales and engagement related to it.
    check out this marketing calendar template from our friends at LOCALiQ.

    Full list of February national days & dates

    In addition to having World Cancer Day, the whole month of February is dedicated to cancer awareness. Show your support on Facebook with a purple-themed post or initiative. You can encourage your followers to “purple” their profile, promote your purple products, or run a purple-themed contest.

    February 29 (Every Four Years)

    • Baked Alaska Day
    • Dark Chocolate Day
    • Freedom Day (Freedom From Slavery)
    • Get Up Day
    • Serpent Day
    • Texas Day

    February 24

    • Heavenly Hash Day
    • Tater Tot Day
    • Groundhog Day
    • Girls and Women in Sports Day – Changes Annually

    sleep meme

    • Carrot Cake Day
    • Day the Music Died Day
    • Missing Persons Day
    • Women Physicians Day
    • Optimist Day – First Thursday in February

    February 28

    • Create a Vacuum day
    • Hemp Day
    • Homemade Soup Day
    • Thank a Mail Carrier Day
    • Wear Red Day – First Friday in February
    • Bubble Gum Day – First Friday in February

    February 16

    • Weatherperson’s Day
    • World Nutella Day
    • Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – First Saturday in February
    • Play Outside Day – First Saturday of Every Month

    February 11

    • Frozen Yogurt Day
    • Lame Duck Day
    • Chopsticks Day

    So February isn’t all about that pink balloon heart but also that invaluable organ inside of you that makes you tick. If your business is focused on health and wellness, this is a great marketing opportunity for you.

    • Fettuccine Alfredo Day
    • Periodic Table Day
    • Send a Card to a Friend Day

    February  26

    • Boy Scouts Day
    • Kite Flying Day
    • Iowa Day
    • Safer Internet Day U.S. – changes annually

    February 1

    • Cut the Cord Day
    • Bagel and Lox Day
    • Pizza Day
    • Toothache Day

    Look back through your photos or even user-generated content. Can you repurpose any of them for a #FebruaryFeels-inspired testimonial, as the Australian Girls Choir does below?

    • Cream Cheese Brownie Day
    • Home Warranty Day
    • Umbrella Day
    • Giving Hearts Day – Second Thursday in February

    February 3

    • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
    • Inventors’ Day
    • Make a Friend Day
    • Peppermint Patty Day
    • Shut-In Visitation Day
    • White Shirt Day

    February 14

    • Plum Pudding Day
    • Global Movie Day  – Second Saturday in February

    Ironically, in the middle of Children’s Dental Health Month is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day…oops? But who says you can’t use this quirky holiday to market your business?

    • Galentine’s Day
    • Cheddar Day
    • Tortellini Day
    • Pork Rind Day – Day of the Big Game

    Showing your support for causes you care about is a great way to connect with your audience and express your core values. Here are some ideas and examples.

    • Cream-Filled Chocolates Day
    • Ferris Wheel Day
    • Organ Donor Day
    • Valentines Day
    • Football Hangover Day – day after the Superbowl
    • Clean Out Your Computer Day – Second Monday

    February 27

    • Gumdrop Day
    • Singles Awareness Day
    • Wisconsin Day

    February 13

    • Almond Day
    • Do A Grouch a Favor Day
    • Pancake Day (IHOP)  – changes annually

    February 7

    • Random Acts of Kindness Day
    • Cabbage Day

    Hashtags can expand your reach and add some personality to your posts. Here are some basic February hashtags to play around with.

    • Battery Day
    • Crab Stuffed Flounder Day
    • Drink Wine Day
    • No One Eats Alone Day – Changes annually
    • Caregivers Day – Third Friday

    Thanks, as always, to National Day Calendar.

    • Arabian Horse Day *
    • Red Sock Day * – Third Saturday in February
    • Chocolate Mint Day
    • Lash Day
    • Vet Girls RISE Day

    February  21

    • Comfy Day
    • Cherry Pie Day
    • Love Your Pet Day
    • Muffin Day

    In the example below, this fitness center is giving out free heart rate monitors to those who join in the month of February.

    • Grain-Free Day
    • Sticky Bun Day
    • Presidents Day – Third Monday

    February 4

    • Supermarket Employee Day *
    • California Day
    • Cook a Sweet Potato Day
    • Margarita Day
    • World Spay Day – Last Tuesday in February

    February 2

    • Banana Bread Day
    • Dog Biscuit Day
    • Tile Day

    February 17

    • Tortilla Chip Day
    • Toast Day – Last Thursday
    • Chili Day – Fourth Thursday

    There’s a full list of February national days and dates at the bottom of this post, but here are some highlights:

    • Chocolate Covered Nut Day
    • Clam Chowder Day
    • Skip the Straw Day – Fourth Friday

    February 19

    • Set a Good Example Day *
    • Pistachio Day
    • Tell a Fairy Tale Day

    February 23

    • Anosmia Awareness Day
    • Kahlua Day
    • Retro Day
    • Strawberry Day
    • Polar Bear Day

    February is home to the most romantic holiday of the year:

    • Chocolate Souffle Day
    • Floral Design Day
    • Public Sleeping Day
    • Tooth Fairy Day
    • Rare Disease Day USA  – Last Day in February

    February 18

    • Time Refund Day *

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