Instagram Shops: Tips and Strategies

Screenshot of Vicidolls Instagram page

Screenshot of Vicidolls Instagram page
Vicidolls’ shop promotes top products, seasonal items, restocked bestsellers, and new arrivals.

Collections allow you to organize products into groups. Instead of forcing users to scroll through an endless feed, group your products into categories and highlight the best selling and most relevant ones in order.

Screenshot from Sephora's Instagram shop showing categories below the search bar
Screenshot of Sephora's web page showing a broken link

Clicking on the “View shop” button takes users to an Instagram Shop, such as this example from Vicidolls, an apparel brand.

Key Strategies

Drive engagement. Murad, the aforementioned skincare company, incorporates Q&As, product masterclasses, wellness testimonials, and tips and tutorials into its store. It’s a compelling way to integrate content with the shopping experience.
Category names appear when users click the search bar. This example is from Sephora’s shop.
Tags are a way to showcase products on your Instagram feed directly. You can integrate tags into photos, videos, and Stories. Clicking on a tag will take viewers directly to the product.
To first step is getting all the components of your shop working in unison.

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