Check My Links. Broken links and redirects hurt usability and send bad signals to Google. Thus regularly checking all links is critical. Multiple tools can analyze (and fix) on-page links for any page.
Lighthouse is part of Chrome’s “Tools for Web Developers.” It evaluates a page’s:

Free DIY SEO Tools

Google Lighthouse. The above tools locate mainly easy-to-fix glitches. Google’s Lighthouse, while free, can identify problems that likely require an expert.

  • Rankings and traffic-driving search queries,
  • Page load times and user-friendliness,
  • Declines in rankings and organic traffic,
  • Links to your site and with the anchor text,
  • Manual penalties or warnings.

Check Google cache for any page, yours or a competitor’s, provided the site has not blocked Google from caching.

  • Only 16 months of data.
  • The “Links” report is inexact. Through years of experience, I now combine third-party tools with Search Console to find all backlinks.
  • Your site only. Analyzing a competitor’s site requires (paid) external tools.
Screenshot of Search Console Performance report
Screenshot of Search Console Performance report Google’s cache displays a page’s text-only version as Google interprets it.

Not all SEO problems can be identified or fixed in-house. Many can, however, especially for small and mid-sized websites. But larger sites and those with custom code and complex functionality typically require professional help.
Check My Links, a Chrome extension, is one example. It will color-code links on a page:

  • Performance: A Core Web Vitals check assessing load times and mobile functionality.
  • Accessibility: Highlighting elements that are hard to read or access by blind or disabled users.
  • SEO: Meta tags, structured data, and more.
Screenshot of a Lighthouse Performance score
Screenshot of a Lighthouse Performance score LinkMiner is a similar extension. Broken Link Checker, a free WordPress plugin, identifies and fixes broken links and redirects, as do other plugin alternatives that include additional features.


Check My Links, a Chrome extension, will color-code links on a page to help evaluate.

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