Albums released in June 1972, for example, include:
Celebrate 50th anniversaries. For the mathematically challenged, anything that occurred in June 1972 will celebrate 50 years of existence in June 2022.
Flag Day has its origin in the American Revolution.
Find products, events, or media celebrating the 50th anniversary and write about them for your business. Aim to connect that topic to the products your company sells.

Lists of Six

Six-point list articles, 50th anniversaries, podcasts, Flag Day, and Father’s Day can help online sellers attract, retain, and engage shoppers in June 2022 and beyond.
Image of the American flag.

Screenshot from the Listverse site.
June is the sixth month in the Julian calendar, so why not use that number and publish one or several six-item list articles or listicles.

However, Father’s Day did not become a permanent holiday in the United States until June 1972. A full six years after Johnson’s initial proclamation.

These semi-century events can make good subjects for content marketing. Businesses could publish profiles of products, films, inventions, occurrences, or albums introduced in June 1972 (or just 1972).
American patriotism is the core value of Black Rifle Coffee Company.
Riverside lets users record podcasts and videos in studio quality from anywhere.

  • How-to listicles. An online store selling kitchen supplies, for example, might publish “How to Deep Fry Oyster Mushrooms in Six Easy Steps.”
  • Best of listicles. A fishing gear outfitter could produce “The Six Best Fishing Spots on the North Umpqua River.”
  • Predictive listicles. A shop selling science kits could publish “Six Ways Biotechnology Will Change Humanity.”
  • Motivational listicles. A workout gear company could publish “Six Guaranteed Ways to Lose Weight This Month.”

June 1972

David Bowie dressed as Ziggy Stardust. Online stores that feature used vinyl albums might create content around the Ziggy Stardust album’s 50th.
Flag Day made this list of suggested content marketing ideas back in 2014. At that time, we presented some possible article or video titles that can still work in 2022.
There are plenty of tools in the market to help podcasts simultaneously create video and audio podcasts, such as Riverside.

  • David Bowie, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.”
  • Eagles, “Eagles.”
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono, “Some Time in New York City.”
  • The Carpenters, “A Song for You.”
  • Aretha Franklin, “Amazing Grace.”
Image of David Bowie dresses as Ziggy Stardust.
So for this Father’s Day, let’s tread lightly with our content marketing. Focus on celebrating dads and endearing customers to your brand rather than only promoting products. This focus might take the form of a heartfelt Father’s Day article, user-generated Father’s Day stories, or sharing personal stories about the company founders.

The American colonists had many military leaders and flags based on region or affiliation when the war started.

Although it was not until 1916 that Flag Day became an official American holiday, its origin goes back to the American Revolutionary War.

Audio + Video Podcasts

Joe Rogan’s podcast is available in audio and video forms and can be used to create a virtuous cycle of audience engagement.
The content created in a marketing campaign intends to build relationships with customers so they can ultimately learn about and appreciate the seller.

Screenshot from Joe Rogan's home page.
In June, borrow a play from the creator playbook and start to broadcast (live stream) or at least publish video versions of audio podcasts.

In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers and establishing Father’s Day as the third Sunday of June.

The audio/video podcast does not need to be entertainment like Rogan’s experience. It can be helpful or informative content too.
Image of David Bowie dresses as Ziggy Stardust.
Consider building listicles in a few categories for your business’ June 2022 content marketing.

Screenshot of the Riverside home page.
Listverse publishes content in listicle format.

President Johnson made the initial proclamation celebrating Father’s Day, but it took six years to become permanent.

The listicle is an effective way to grab a reader’s attention and earn a click in the content marketing realm. Listicles organize information, making it easier to read and understand, giving the reader ideas or describing facts.

Flag Day, June 14

Content marketing creates and distributes valuable, interesting, or entertaining content to acquire customers and make sales. Content marketers must understand their customers and seek to serve them.
The Founding Fathers wanted to present a unified military front, so in June 1775, they gathered in Philadelphia at the Second Continental Congress to create a unified Continental Army. This army would march under a single flag — the first American flag.

Screenshot of the Black Rifle Coffee Company home page.
Screenshot from the Listverse site.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The idea is to have both the video and audio versions promote each other and some form of deeper engagement, such as subscribing to an email list.
Listverse is an example of a publisher that focuses specifically on the listicle format. Your company can use this same attention-grabbing format for content marketing.
Here are five content marketing ideas your business can use for June 2022.

Image of the American flag.
Image of President Lyndon B. Johnson

For businesses that trade, if you will, on patriotic themes, Flag Day in the United States can be an opportunity to connect with like-minded shoppers and celebrate feelings of patriotic gratitude.

Screenshot from Joe Rogan's home page.
The creator economy is full of examples of audio podcasters who also produce and distribute a video version or video clip. The best-known example is probably the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate Flag Day with Your Kids
  • Plan the Perfect Flag Day Party
  • 7 Things Artists Can Learn from Flag Day
  • Flag Day Fashion Faux Pas
  • 3 D.I.Y. Projects for Flag Day

Father’s Day, June 19

Lawmakers at the time were concerned that the holiday would be commercialized. They wanted a way to honor the vital roles fathers play in our lives without transforming that celebration into a sales pitch.
Celebrating Flag Day in content makes sense for companies like Black Rifle Coffee Company, a brand with American patriotism at its core.

Image of President Lyndon B. Johnson
Screenshot of the Riverside home page.

Screenshot of the Black Rifle Coffee Company home page.

Some publishers use the format almost exclusively. Ranker is another example.
Articles and videos about Flag Day might fall into a few categories, including history, entertainment, or how-tos.

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